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Cascade wool yarn (220 vs Ecological)

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I went to my LYS looking for cascade ecological yarn to knit up some more soakers/shorts for dd#2. However, they only have cascade 220. My question is, is the cascade ecological yarn softer than the 220? I can always get the yarn online, but then I can get the 220 right away.
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I personally prefer the Ecological, although I can't tell a difference in softness between it and the 220. I like the ecological because it is less tightly spun than the 220, although if you like a crisper look to your knitting, you'd prefer the 220. Performance wise, the ecological is more water resistant (I think because it is more lofty than the 220).

I also like that the ecological is spun without using dyes and chemicals, and it also takes koolaid dye beautifully.

See here for a couple of pics of a unfinished baby hat using both yarns:

Thanks so much Karla for taking pictures of the yarn. Yes, I remember your beautiful sunset and rainbow soakers. I'll go ahead and get some 220 locally and order some ecological yarn online then. BTW, have I told you how yummy your soakers are?
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My LYS can get ecological! I'm gonna try it Karla!! Wheee!!!
I'll be interested to hear what everybody thinks about this yarn. PB&J recently tried it and really liked working with it. I love how "drapey" it is; I think it is a wonderful summer yarn.

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