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They're not going to be non-stick. You'll just have to get used to scrubbing them
. As long as you don't use soap, you shouldn't have to worry about re-seasoning very often.

A tip on seasoning, though: use a "bad" oil like vegetable, or even mineral (make sure the mineral cooks into the iron well, though). Olive and other low-fat oils burn off quickly. The best seasoned pans I have were used to cook over campfires on girl scout trips for the better part of my pareent's 25 year marriage, so short of building a fire in your backyard, my other tips are for cleaning the pans that aren't seasoned by years of rugged use.

I keep Brillo pads under my sink and use them to clean egg off. They're cheap and make EASY work of anything stuck-on, and with cast iron and stainless steel, you don't have to worry about that precious teflon surface
:. You can also try putting a tiny bit of baking soda into the pan and filling it with water. Then put it on the stove and heat it to almost boiling. The egg should just wash right off afterwards.
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