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castor oil safe for vbacing?

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I really want to avoid a repeat c/s (duh), but I am on the conservative end of things--I am delivering in a hospital, with an OB. Balanced by a doula, though

My OB is not against home remedies as a rule (he recommended castor oil and sex when I was overdue with my first), so I am following his advice re: cohosh (says it is too risky). If I can manage to get myself to 3 cm or so, I am sure he would strip membranes, or (if I want it) use pitocin, but he won't induce from zero because he says cervidil/cytotec is dangerous for VBACs.

Anyway, I have been taking EPO orally for a couple of weeks but it doesn't seem to be making any difference. As of Wednesday (38+ wks) I was still completely not dilated, not effaced, no cervical change whatsoever. (I know it is early to be thinking like this, but I am tiny and baby is looking to be about 8 1/2 lbs at term.)

If I get to 40+ wondering if the contractions wrought by castor oil are considered dangerous for VBACing.

Anyone btdt?
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you are right it is still early! you have lots of time and your body can do this. relax first and foremost! second, from what i have read pitocin isnt good for vbacs, heck its not good for anyone so i would be really weary of anything like that.

and i am tiny too but that has nothing to do with whether or not you can vaginally birth a big baby. remember they are really squishy!!! you could birth a 10 lb baby. and i dont know how you know its going to be 8 lbs but ultrasounds and doctors can be wrong when predicting weight.

give your body the time it needs to ripen, dialate, and go into labor on its own that is the best way to have a successful birth.
My MW did not recommend castor oil but did recommend sex, EPO, and accupunture. I had a breech too so I think she was extra conservative about pushing the birth in general. I was not dilated at all on the my due date. The baby was low. Most everything seemed to happen during labor, which I understand is normal for second/subsequent babies. So I would say hang in there until the last minute. Labor can get it all started. You don't have to have dilation, baby dropping, or losing the mucous plug until labor starts.
I have a VBAC friend that did castor oil..twice!
I would think that it would be okay. From what i understand, it doesn't cause the uterus to contract, it just cleans out the bowel and that action sometimes stimulates uterine contractions. But this is just speculation
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I did the castor oil twice while trying to get my vbac labor going. First time I thought it was going to work, but contrax petered out .. I think I was like 41w 2d or something... 2 days later I tried again but threw it up. Ended up with a c-sec anyway.
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