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Catch up Vaccines?

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Hi Dr. Sears,

My son who just turned 4 has a dx of "developmental delay with at risk for autism". The vaccines he still needs are MMR, CP, 2xHep A, 2x Hep B, 1xpolio, 1xHib, 1xPC.

He's got a pretty good immune system, He's on multivitamin, probiotics, and fish oils. He's also on gfcf diet ,although, I've been letting him eat a little bit of wheat lately because I'm not 100% sure that wheat truly bothers him. Anyway, I've been leaving him in church and gym daycare now and being in public places a lot more lately. He's never been exposed to so many people before because his behavior always kept us home. Since he's started therapy focusing on sensory he has progressed in speech and behavior so much in these past 3 months.

Anyway, my question is from any of the vaccines that he is missing, are there any that you think that are important enough for me to reconsider? Since he is being exposed to so much now, I've just been nervous lately that he's going to catch something and get really sick. I don't think I'll do the MMR but what about the others? His doctor tried to change my mind about the one more HIB he needs but you say in your book that he's at that age where it's not that dangerous if he caught it?

Thanks in advance,

from a nervous mama
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You are right about HIB. As for the other vaxes, I don't recommend giving a child at risk for autism any more vaccines at all. The disease protection isn't worth the vaccine risk to a neurologically fragile child.
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