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Cathe - Cranberry Date Bars

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Hi! I made these today. I liked the crust and was wondering what else could be used as a filling. Have you tried other fruits? I was thinking of pureeing an apple with cinnamon or just using cranberries or maybe raspberries or perhaps a pumpkin with spices filling would be good too. Any thoughts? I don't like cooked dates so I'm not sure why I tried a recipe using cooked dates.. lol
: but the crust held together sooo well and it's a great concept!
Thanks as always for posting!
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I'm glad you liked them, goatlady. I haven't tried but you're right - any fruit filling would work - maybe even a nice thick jam. Here is the filling from my fig bars - that might be good:

1 cup tightly packed figs
Boiling water
1/4 cup orange or apple juice

To prepare filling, place figs in a small heat-proof bowl. Pour just enough boiling water over figs to cover them. Let figs sit 30 minutes. Drain water, and grind figs in food processor. While processor is running, add juice through top and puree until smooth.
Thanks for the reply! I have some experimenting to do!
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