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Catheter... Really NOT happy!

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Nathan went to the doctor today because he's on his third day having a fever. She asked if he was circumcised and I said no. So then she proceeded to tell me (in front of my mother who isn't pro-circ) that un-circ babies have slightly higher percentages of bladder infections and he would need a catheter and urine sample to rule it out. I knew that it wasn't necessary in my heart but I still let her do it. I mean taking the blood was worse that the catheter but it still angers me!

Am I wrong? Are intact boys more likely to get bladder infections? Still slightly fuming here.. oh and guess what, he doesn't have one! Duh!
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Hmmm, when I think of catheters used on young children/babies I cringe.

When Adrien had a fever a month after he was born. They weren't 100% sure it was a bladder infection. (he's intact too), and was hospitalized because of it after a few nasty test( eg. the meningitis test in the spine - which they did 3x - because they couldn't get the fluid - it was HORRIBLE!)

The doc recommended a urine test by catheter 2 weeks, 1mo, 3 mo, 6mo...8 mo and 12mo after that incident to check for bacteria and also to take an antibiotic for a year. It was pretty much a nightmare the first couple times for the urine tests, and giving medication was bad as well.

Then finally I got a doctor in my family to see Adrien during a Christmas trip and since Adrien had a cold, and turned out that everything was unnecessary. Seemed that the catheter test made it worse (adrien got sick after the test)

What's even worse - the hospital pediatrician who prescribed the tests by catheter - is being charged for molesting and sexual assault of young patients and was also prescribing 'catheter' tests to them. SCARY!

My relief was that at least I never ever left Adrien alone with this doctor!

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It's really debatable whether or not intact boys have slightly more chances of UTIs or not. The studies have found to be flawed.
Being a boy, intact or not, means that he is much less likely to get a UTI than a girl. Does he cry when he pees?
I'd make sure that they ruled out a lot of other things first. Did they test for strep throat? That can sometimes be an "invisible" cause of a fever.

If they do cath (in the future) make sure they don't retract his foreskin while they are at it.
Oh God, Jenn. They could have just put a bag over his little weenis and wait for him to go. She didn't have to do that! And as long as he doesn't sit in nasty diapers all day and you wipe him off during diaper changes, he is just as unlikely as a circ'd boy to get a bladder infection.
Next time just say no!!!!!
The jury is really still out on whether intact boys have more UTIs than circumcised boys. If there is a difference, it's less than 1% and any difference is therefore, insignificant. There is no reason that intact boys should be treated differently in this respect than circumcised boys but they are. That's clear. They will do a urine test on an intact boy when they will not do one on a circumcised boy. That's discrimination and ignorance pure and simple.

Where they will look in other areas first on circumcised boys, a urinary tract infection is their first suspect in intact boys. This approach is not warranted because the difference, if any, is so very slight.


That's just awful. Any doctor would know that all of those urine tests are not necessary and antibiotics for a year!????? I'm so glad to hear that you got away from that pervert. He got what he deserves!

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Well thanks for the help, I'm still mad at myself for not going with my gut but I have to forgive myself and not let it happen again. I was careful and made sure they didn't retract the foreskin though. And they used iodine-ish stuff all over his penis first so hopefully he won't become even more ill.. that said he's really sick tonight. I hate worrying but more than that I hate that he's sick.

Thank you so much to everyone who answered, it really helped believe it or not.
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so sorry to read your son is feeling ill.When my kiddos have a fever I give some echinacea tincture(usually herb pharm of herbs for kids) or Tempassure by Herbs for kids.I also give sodium ascorbate.I have the powder,but the kids always have taken the hylands vitC tablets far better.Maybe you can give him some of these things.Hugs and healings! Over at in the children conditions section you can find a lot of other options.They have the Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child pages online by Janet Zand,which are really good.Do you have that book? There is a newer version out.Great book.Lists conventional,herbal,nutritional,homeopathic,and accupressure treatments for various illnesses and injuries.

Jenn -
I'm so sorry you had an experience like that! Every time I hear these kinds of stories, I just want to go hug ds's pediatrician.

Have you found a new doc you can trust? I have a great one on the eastside.
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Originally Posted by smellyfeet
The doc recommended a urine test by catheter 2 weeks, 1mo, 3 mo, 6mo...8 mo and 12mo after that incident to check for bacteria and also to take an antibiotic for a year.

Oh smellyfeet,
so sorry you went through all this rigamarole.

My sister took intact DS into ER (when they were traveling) with clear signs of UTI and he was forcibly retracted when the nurse used a catheter to collect urine. But what fumed her more than that was that her DS had been on low dose antibiotics for months to prevent infections because he had slight urinary reflux. Only after a year and a surgery did she learn that there is no data to support that preventative antibiotics do any good. It only gave him a UTI with a antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria! She is looking for a way to let others know the truth.
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they do make bags that fit over the penis to collect urine. a cath isn't necessary from what I understand.
You know in a situation like that I think it helps to just back up and ask yourself and maybe even the doc what you would do if your intact son was a girl.

I mean girls are WAY more likely to have a UTI. The last time I checked the course of treatment called for a round of antibiotics not repeated catheterazations(i have no idea how to spell that!).

Ask yourself if you think your doc would treat your daughter in the same fashion.

I just had a mom tell me the other day that her son got a UTI, and because he was intact they decided to do a dye test to check for abnormalities.
Poor guy...that was after 1 UTI.

They treat them like they have some horrible genetic defect....problem is its the docs who have the defect!!
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From what my sister has told me and from what I remember in a recent post of Frank's, they do want a urine sample that is a clean catch or does not come into contact with anything outside the ureter. I wonder though what would happen if a parent insisted that the first urine sample collected would be with a bag and if they saw something bad then to take a sample using a catheter? Seems like you could reduce the need for a catheter if there was no urgency to know right away.

I've wondered about that too. They could use an antiseptic swab of the tip and then catch the sample to put it under the microscope to look for critters. If they didn't find anything, no UTI. If they did, they could then do a catheter to confirm the finding. Of course, that would be more work for them. We certainly can't expect that, can we?

When my ds had an irritated penis I knew they would want a urine sample. Before I went to the appt I put my ds in the bath (cause we all know they pee :LOL) and caught it midstream in a plastic container I had boiled. As soon as the Doc said urine sample I handed it to him and he was bewildered. I told him how I collected it and said that was all he was getting. He was fine with that.

One other time when they needed a sample (he was 4 days old) they gave me the bag to ut on him and sent me home telling me to return the bag after he peed.

I don't think I'd ever let them cath my boy. Not without darn good reason.

I'm sorry your Dr is ignorant and you had to go through this.
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