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CBE OPK fertility monitor - anyone else using this?

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Just wanted to know who else is using a fertility monitor, in case I have any more questions about it.
About resetting it - do you HAVE to start it on CD1? Or can you set it to start on CD7? I've missed CD1 - do I have to wait till my next cycle?
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I used one for the first time this cycle. I think you can start as late as day 5, that's what the instructions say. If you are on day 7, then you might be too late this cycle.
oh darn. but thanks for letting me know!
I have one and love it and yeah i think you are to late to set it now.
If it is your first month using it, it will start to ask for sticks on cd 6, just in case you are an early ovulator. If you know you aren't an early ovulator I would go ahead and start on cd 7 and just call it cd 5 on your monitor. You will be off by 2 days on the monitor but that shouldn't mess things up too much. It will still read your fertility the same, it just will be a little off in it's interpretation for next month. (it learns your cycle and will start asking for sticks closer to when it expects you to ovulate over time so you use fewer sticks).
Thanks Patty - I just saw this. I decided to wait another cycle to start, so I'm going to try this month. I'm on CD 3 right now, so I'll try and get it right this time!
For a fm it counts cd 1 as the first full day of af so if you start in the evening the next day is cd 1 on the monitor.

Good luck! I just used mine for the first time this past cycle and had a super wacky anov cycle. Hope it is better next month.
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