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CD moms: Would you use these?

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I know the general consensus on the CD forum is that diaper-service quality prefolds, like Chinese or Indian are the best, but I've been getting some of the Gerber prefolds from people who know I want to use cloth.

Should I even attempt to use them as dipes, or just use them as burp cloths? My mom suggested using them as pocket dipe stuffers....opinions please.

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I use them in pockets sometimes, but mainly they were burp clothes or dusting rags.
I didn't get much use out of them as diapers.
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If they're the kind without polyester inside, you can use them as diapers- they're thinner than the "good diapers" so you'll probably need to use 2 diapers at a time.
I'd keep one package as burp cloths and return the rest. I tried using them once when my washing machine was broken and they were near worthless.
they are okay for barriers but not for absorbing. The poly doesn't absorb so they don't work well for diapers. They work alright for protecting your shoulder from spit up though or to put under a bum during diaper changes.
Thanks for the responses. I guess I'll have a heckuva lot of burp cloths since we received like 2 dozen of them as a shower "cake" table decoration.....I was able to return one package of them. I still remember using them as dust rags when I was a kid.

Thanks again for the advice!
I would definitely not use the Gerber dipes. I started out using Chinese prefolds but I thought they were such a pain/annoying so I went w/ fitted cloth. IMO fitted dipes are sooooo much easier and better than the prefolds.
I used the "good" ones, the ones with blue stitching for a while when I didn't have anything else. DS was about 3 months old and frankly they worked better than I had anticipated. I wouldn't plan your stash around them, but they do work in a pinch.
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