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cd newbie- questions about Kissaluvs

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I'm pregnant w/my 1st baby and exploring the world of cloth diapering. I plan to start out with a variety of dipes, cpf's, fitted's, and maybe an AIO or two. I have a few questions about Kissaluvs (size 0) for my newborn.

* Are Kissaluvs considered fitted diapers?

* If so, what type of cover would work best, or could I just use cpf as a doubler and skip the cover? I have no idea what kind of soaking power a newborn has.

Any tips would greatly be appreciated.

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Hey Julie!

KL are a fitted. Not the most absorbant but worked well fit wise. We used preemie CPFs as doublers sometimes but mostly just changed a lot. The Prorap newborn covers fit great over these. I have 4 or 6 that I can give you.
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I loved the kissaluvs 0's for DS when he was a newborn... But he grew out of them FAST! We really only used them until the cord fell off so they were in great shape for resale and I got most of my money back... well worth the purchase.

I agree about the newborn proraps. We only had 1 small prorap and I wish I had had some newborn ones.

Yeah, you need a cover... at least we did. DS soaked the 0's.
I used Bummis whisper pants with ds' kissaluvs. They're really gentle on newborn skin and they're only $5/each.
Hi Steph!
Thanks! You're the best!

You should have seen Travis shopping on the website last night. I never thought a man could be so excited about cloth diapers. He even wants to invest in a couple wool covers. Cracks me up. . .
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We love Kissluvs 0, they've held up great and fit nicely on my long shinny guy. You'll definitely need covers. We used Prowraps newborns, now we use fleece, wool and Bummis covers.
No, we haven't ordered anything yet, but will very soon. We're just trying to figure out what we want to buy, and how much. I'm starting to see why cloth diapering can be so addictive, LOL and I haven't even started yet.
I LOVE my Kissaluvs fitted! Over night we use a fleece topped Joey Bunz but Im ordering the KL inserts to try. I find they are very absorbant... I know in the past they werent quite as absorbant but theyve improved greatly.

They need covers. I use a Bummis SWW and it works wonderfully.

If you are starting out you may want to try a few different styles of diapers and covers. Sample packs work well... that way you arent getting too many of one particular diaper that may not work out for you

Good luck! CD'ing is fun isnt it?? Just wait until those packages start arriving, its like Christmas LOL I get so excited when the UPS, FedEx or Post man comes.... heck, Dave (dh) and the kids get excited too!! Whats coming now Mommy??!!

Take care
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I loved Kissaluv's size 0's on Bret as a nb.
I used newborn Prowraps over them and it worked great.
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Yup, NB proraps on the size 0s to start out with (love the colors!), but my guy outgrew the NB covers right away & I wish I had gotten small bummis covers instead. Now we are using the size 1s with a flannel liner & mother-ease airflow covers, still they get soaked pretty easy & I am experimenting with other doublers. I still use the size 0s when we are doing quick changes, like in the mornings when he 1st wakes up & pees & pees. He just plays in bed & I can tell as soon as he goes the dipe is wet & I swap it for the next one. I really need to sell most of them, but I can't part with them yet!
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