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CD question for SA, TX moms

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Hello mamas,
I am anxiously awaiting my baby and since I have nothing better to do than wait for him I have started obcessing over cloth diapers. I have some Fuzzi Bunz and some prefolds. But I have no snappi's or covers. I love my Fuzzi Bunz (using them on Carter) but I'm not sure about these prefolds. For one I have no idea how to put them on
. Also, I need a snappi (or pins I guess) and a cover. I was thinking I could get a cheap cover from Babies R Us (one of the Gerber ones, I know they aren't the best) and pins, but I was wondering if any of you could help. 1. I need someone to show me how to use one of these prefolds 2. Is there somewhere in town that I could get a better cover and maybe even a snappi?

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im in sa and if you ever wanna get together i can help you with prefolds, but here is a really good link

i get my snappies from debbie does diapers but you can get them online also if you order covers. i love bummies as my covers, i have had no problems with them at all. well one they only come in a few prints.. but i guess thats not really a problem.

im still getting a hang of cd but if i can be of any help let me know
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Thanks for the link. That doesn't seem so difficult. Maybe a little practice though.
hehe to be honest with you the first 3 months we just folded them up like a maxi pad and put them on him, with a bummis cotton cover or the wisper wrap you dont need pins or snappies. alot of people however like to decorate the prewraps and just leave them roaming around with out a cover.
If you still need help just let me know and I'd be glad to help you out. You can email me or see .

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Hi! I just moved from San Antonio. The woman who runs this site is in San Antonio, and she offers diapering classes, or at least she used to. The classes are free, and she has some great covers.

Good luck!
Cmili, I'd be happy to help you! As you probably don't know, :LOL, I can get you prefolds, and we also make some kick ass wool covers (knitted soakers). LMK... PM me if you'd like. I'd also like to see Carter (all grown up!) and your new babe!
Hey GWH, you are right I did not know you get me prefolds. I need someone to take a look at Sawyer and help me figure out what size prefolds I need. He is such a chunky one. I would love to get togther, Carter is so big you wouldn't believe it. My new babe isn't exactly small either. How are all of your little ones?
im going out of my mind bored. anyone with small kinds wanna come over to swim (its the neighborhood pool) i say little ones cause i want eirik to have friends hehe
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