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Some of you may remember a few weeks ago I posted that Kissaluv contours gave my pf baby a rash. They are not 100% cotton so I think that's why (a great mama here pointed that out to me). I had to put him in DD's to clear it up - took about a week.
Well I put him back in his trusty pf's today. And he's getting a rash again! It makes his skin look chapped. I'm so frustrated - CD's are supposed to make his skin better, not worse! This is the 4th baby I've CD'd and I've never had this happen. I do not believe it's detergent residue. I've stripped them and I always do about 3 extra rinses on them.
This is a baby with pretty sensitive skin too. I am currently using Cetaphil cleanser and cream on him...... Burts Bees made him break out too. I have to admit that my kids have sensitive skin and 2others have bouts of excema (I think he will too). We live in Colorado where it's very dry this time of year and I think maybe this CD rash problem might be related to that also.
Anyone have any recommendations? I think I might rewash all his CD's in the All baby detergent I've been using (something that he is doing fine with) and try again. Otherwise I feel like I might need to throw in the CD towel for a bit
, and maybe re-try my stash in a couple of months or something........
Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

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