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cd sample pack?

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We just moved into our new house, finally have our own washer and dryer, and so are ready to start CDing. Yippee! I've read up and talked with some friends and I think we want to use Fuzzibunz. However, I'd love to try some different types before investing the money. Do you know of any company that will sell me an inexpensive sample pack? DD (10 months) is quite trim so we were thinking of the petite size in FBs.

Thanks ladies!
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First off... MAKE SURE TO MEASURE!! Measure you babe and find a site that lists all the specifications for sizing of each type of diaper you want to try out!! K, my 15-month-old, was still in SMALL Fuzzi Bunz at 10 months (she was very long and skinny... still is... and on the smallest snap setting on the medium FBs now)!

And then to package deals.... there are lots of places that offer package deals!! (then click on the link on the left that says 'diaper packages')

Those are some sites I remember off the top of my head
Happy hunting!!!
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