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CD'ing in an apartment w/o washer/dryer

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Here's the long and the short of it:

We decided a few months ago that CD'ing was the thing for us knowing all along that we'd be moving out of our apartment here in the city into the house we're building. OF COURSE, the house isn't done yet and probably won't be done for another 6 months which means we won't have a washer/dryer in the apartment at our instant disposal.

The washer/dryer is in our building on the 1st floor so its not as if we have to go to a laundromat, its just not what we had anticipated. My husband is now very concerned that its gonna be too hard to CD the baby in the apartment and it'll stink and smell and be too much to deal with.

Has anyone CD'd without a washer/dryer at their fingertips? Thoughts?

EDD 8/15
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We cloth diapered in an apartment and the W & D were on the first floor. It's definetely possible. It's a PITA sometimes but it's definetely possible
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We are doing it now. I take my stuff to my moms 3 times a week (sometimes 2 if it is hectic, lol). It's a PITA, but I won't put sposies on ds' butt, so I do it.

I have no problems with stink or stains (although he really isn't on solids). I have a really good wetbag that doesn't wick, and everything goes great. Now that it is getting warmer, I am putting a small square of fleece that has a couple of drops of essential oil in the pail, it controls the odor and after washing the dipes smell great.
I was just about to post the same type of question. We are just about to move into an apartment with no washer. Since Wiley was born I've had a washer but no dryer.

What I really want to know is what kind of diapers are working best for this type of situation. I'm thinking about going with pockets for ease of cleaning, dryer time and fleece lining = poop into the toilet easily!

So apartment mamas what do you use? And why? How do you wash it? Basically what it working for you?

Sorry if I've hijacked this post, I'm thinking you might want the same type of info though.
Well, we have a washer and dryer but it's in the basement and I have severe rheumatoid arthritis so there are certainly days where I just can't make it down there. Fuzzibunz wash nicely by hand and dry quickly hung outside (like in an hour or 2) or hung on the shower in the bathroom (overnight)

Apartment or no apartment--we had been using sposies at night and hated how the room her change table was in smelled--we were blaming it on the regular diaper pail--but when we stopped the sposies, the smell disapeared--and I don't even have a wet bag--and my baby is on formula--so she smells :LOL

I wouldn't let apartment life stop me, I love cd'ing dd.
We cd' in an apartment.
I haven't found it that bad at all.
I do diapers twice a week and so it helps keep laundry in general down.
Wish I had one but really its not that hard, I kinda like my time at the laundromat - I go alone

I do really rinse and wetpail my dirty diapers though..

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