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CDing while out of town

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My baby still isn't here yet, but we are planning on cloth diapering and have a question. What do you ladies do when you go out of town? Take diapers with you and launder as you go? Use disposables? Hoping to learn from your experiences.
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For us, it depends where we are going. If we are going tov visit my parents and we have room in the suitcases we pack our cloth (but usually plan on washing daily) and use sposies on the plane. If we are going on a road trip or camping then we use sposies.
It depends on the situation for us, too. If we are staying w/ family or close friends, I will bring along the stash. But, if we are staying at an inn or hotel, I bring along sposies.
We just went on a quick trip... two days in a hotel. We brought the cloth and it was no big deal. We are going camping for a week this summer though and plan on bringing sposies. For the two weeks at Grandmas though we'll bring our cloth.
Depends on where and how long. If I have a washer/dryer readily available, I bring them. If I don't but it's a short trip (2 days or so), I just bring the diapers because we have enough to get through that many days without washing. Otherwise, I use disposables.
We've always brought cloth. Nearly all hotels have laundry facilities now or if we're staying with family/friends we use theirs.

If we are staying with family, we use cloth and wash daily so we don't need to pack as many diapers. If we're going on a long trip or camping, we use sposies.
So far we have been on a two week trip out of state, a two week trip out of the country, and a three day trip out of state. We've never used disposables.
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Have any of you encountered problems using washing machines other than your own, in terms of residue from fabric softeners, brighteners, detergent redeposits, etc, when out of town?

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Have any of you encountered problems using washing machines other than your own, in terms of residue from fabric softeners, brighteners, detergent redeposits, etc, when out of town?
No. I often need to strip a little as I don't take time/money to as many extra hot rinses as I do at home.

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I also think it depends upon the type of travel and the destination.

We've often brought our cloth along (easy for weekend trips-just bring the dirty home). We've often used the laundromat and had no negative experiences.

We use paper when we travel overseas to the in laws. They already think we do too much laundry when we visit

I have used gDiapers when traveling as well. They are a nice compromise. And you can use the flushable inserts in a regular wrap... not just theirs. Though maybe not quite as successfully, I guess it depends on the wrap.

Mostly I think it is what you're comfortable with as a guest/tourist/camper/etc.
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If I am going somewhere where I can trust the washer I'll bring cloth, but I hate to use public machines so I won't. (GROSS!) I used g-diapers if I couldn't wash my own.
For short trips, say anything up to 4 or 5 days, I find it's no hassle at all to bring the CD's.
We recently went on a long weekend (thurs morning -sunday night) and I just brought all the diapers; washed them before we left and then threw them in the washer as soon as we got home (well, after I forgot about them for a couple of hours, lol).

Was no problem at all.

We are going away (flying) for 2 weeks this summer though, and I think I'll probably buy sposies for that (or rather, buy them there once we arrive, I guess!)...

We'll be staying with my in-laws for a few days I'm sure
so theoretically I'd be able to use their washing machine, but I don't know... my MIL is very nosy and I'd probably feel annoyed if she butted in on how I should wash the diapers, or something

And also, I'd have to find space in our luggage, or pay for an extra piece of checked luggage, which would be like 30euro extra, so I think we'll probably go for sposies that time.

I much much much prefer cloth though, so I'm kind of still on the fence!
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I agree with depends on the situation. We don't really go anywhere other than family though, so we always use cloth with our 2 year old. When we just went for 1 night at a hotel though by my grandparents, we used 7th Gen sposies for our 1 month old. If we went to my parents though, we'd probably use cloth for him because we could wash them. With his BF poos we don't want to leave them unwashed for too long.
For most trips we take the cloth and plan on doing laundry at some point. Mostly we go on long weekends to my inlaws and they have a really nice washer and dryer, or I bring the dirty back. I just spent almost 2 weeks with my sister and used their apt buildings (really really nice) coin op machines, although I just took covers and prefolds and used sposies at night (ds1 insists on sposies, long story). They ride really well in the car, too, I just change them at my potty breaks and they work fine.

Camping I just use sposies, it's just easier. When we visit Mexico this December I haven't decided what we will use, we'll only have one in dipes but pf's might be just as easy to handwash and hang dry in the warm weather... or it might be easier to just use sposies, but I'm not sure I want to pack them, lol.

We also use gdiapers with the prefolds in them but I hate the flushies so I tend not to even bother with them, I just buy sposies, they're cheaper and I'm cheap.
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