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I have flown many times in Canada and the US and was told every time my Marathon had to be installed forward facing.

Today I was told by Westjet that:
- it had to be installed rear facing
- if it didn't fit rear facing, they would not give me a belt extender because they weren't allowed
- if it didn't fit rear facing it could not be installed forward facing and would have to be gate-checked

DD is 15 months old, and 24 pounds. She RF in my car and I would prefer she did in the plane. We got it installed, but just barely. The flight attendants told me that if it didn't fit rear facing, because she was under age 2 and considered an infant, that would be safer IN ARMS than in a forward facing seat. I can't believe that could possibly be true.

But I can't find ANY Transport Canada documentation to yay or nay that information. Does anyone have a link to anything at all that goes into the specifics about how a child restraint system is to be used on a plane?

The FAA regs are more up to date and I have those, but flights in Canada don't fall under those rules. Usually Transport Canada has similar or identical regs but they are lacking in this department. Help! I want to be prepared for the next flight, and also to do what is safest, but to know when to push if confronted.
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