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I've been wanting for about a year to open a small toy store with the stuff I'd love to buy but can't find in my area: good wooden and fabric toys, more waldorf-oriented stuff. But I haven't had the cash to open an actual bricks and mortar store. And there seem to be plenty of online stores as it is, so I'm not as interested in that.

I've been toying with the idea of opening a booth at the annual holiday market that lasts a month Nov-Dec, but I'm still not totally sure on that one either, because it's a big commitment, means hiring employees, and a fairly big outlay of cash as well.

But... it just occured to me that I have at least 5 good quality fleamarkets/faird near me that sell homemade crafts, antiques, and hard-to-find retail stuff like the toys I want to sell!!!

So, I just applied for my Sales Tax Certificate, and talked to a couple of the fairs! Yay! I can do just a little inventory and rent a space for just a few weeks. I can even test out different inventory and see what does best. Then, if it does well enough this summer, I'll be ready to do a big holiday booth I think!

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