Of course, there's little a mother won't do for her child--including putting her body through a pretty rigorous growing-another-human-and-giving-birth process. But sometimes, people will try to pretty the postpartum part up without giving credit to the reality many women face. Personal-care brand Billie decided to share the bodies of postpartum mothers for Mother's Day this year, and they're pretty amazing!

To look at mothering and the process of getting there through the lens of many can be...well, deceptive. Yes, it's beautiful and wonderful and the job we may have begged for and would never change in a million years.

But it changes us.

Deeply. And in many ways.

One such way is in our body and for Mother's Day, personal care brand Billied commissioned pictures of new moms celebrating Mother's Day. Oh, and their postpartum bodies as well. They commissioned Spanish filmmaker and photographer Camila Falquez to capture the pictures of new moms and their postpartum bodies. Falquez is well known for her work in capturing the differences society places on various groups and encouraging people to think critically about roles. Their goal was to push back a bit on the pressures society gives to women to get back to their 'pre-mom' bodies.

The photos focused on the impact pregnancy has on a body and put moms and their postpartum bodies on a literal pedestal with their babies. Danielle Wilson was one mom who was photographed for the photo campaign. On Instagram, she wrote about how mothers should free themselves from judging our strong bodies that have nourished and birthed a beautiful new human being. She encouraged mamas to rock their bodies--scars and all--and take pride in what our bodies have done and are to the humans we birth.

Billie is known for challenging societal stereotypes and beauty norms, and honoring moms and their true bodies after birth fits in with their desire to open dialogue and look outside of the norms.

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They're a highly successful direct-to-consumer personal care sales brand and because they continually address real life and real life situations, it is easy to relate to them as a brand and a group who 'gets it' for many of us.

Considering this year was the first year that many were able to even consider being with their moms for this special day since the pandemic, some brands acknowledged the difficulties the pandemic has brought specifically for mothers and even gently encouraged moms to ignore the 'norms' of what mothering should look like.

Billie took it one step further and gave literal representation of what it DOES look like, in the photos of the several postpartum women it shared.


Images: Camila Falquez