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DD and I have been talking about the fact that someday she won't nurse and I won't have milk anymore. She's been telling me that she's going to stop nursing when she turns 3, which is in a month. I am sad about ending our wonderful nursing relationship, but I think my body needs to (my hormones are really out of whack and the mood disturbances are really taking their toll on all of us).

So I've decided we are going to do this. If she's saying she'll stop on her birthday, then that's what we'll do. I want to help her understand when that is--maybe with some sort of countdown like the advent calendar that she loved last year? What do you think about that? I also want to celebrate it with her when it happens. We'll be having a small birthday gathering and MIL will be here for a couple days on either side of that. How did/will you celebrate the end of a wonderful thing? Any suggestions for me?
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