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So, the Madonna thread in "Books, etc." got me thinking about all the celebrity homebirthers (because we all are interested in celeb births, right?!!!)....<br><br>
Here is a list - see if you can add more!!!<br><br>
Ricki Lake<br>
Stephen & Tabitha King<br>
Lucy Lawless (Xena)<br>
Pamela Anderson (twice! waterbirths! nursed for a year!)<br>
Kenny Loggins & his wife (unplanned unassisted!)<br>
Cindy Crawford<br>
John Leguiziamo & his wife<br>
Thandie Newton (actress)<br>
Lisa Bonet<br>
Erykah Badu<br>
Julianne Moore<br>
Kelly Preson & John Travolta<br>
Meryl Streep<br>
Demi Moore (I'm not 100% sure of this one - anyone?)<br>
Richard Thomas (JohnBoy from the Waltons) & his partner<br>
Bobby McFerrin (and his partner)
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