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Celebrity slingers?

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I know that Cindy Crawford slinged her babe in a new you know of others and what they used? Do you have pics of them using their slings?

ETA this:

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I saw a picture of Conan O'Brien carrying his babe in a sling in People Magazine a while back
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had a pic taken of her slinging her son in a mama-baby sling (the double sling thing from Maya Wrap), and it was horrendous how she was carrying him, he looked like he was about to slip out any second, I got nervous just looking at the pic....

Ouch! So many babies being worn too low in those pics! Brooke Shields uses a wrap around, though, that's cool.
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That's a Mob Wrap on Brooke Shields. They sent it to her, and she sent them a pic of her wearing it, along with a thank you note.
Wow, those sheepskin front pack things have the babe hanging down below the waist, practically! If they think that's comfortable and convenient, we should show them how comfy it really can be! I'm thrilled to see so many of them wearing their babies, that's really getting the word out there. God knows it takes a celebrity endorsement to get anything done these days...
I wish people got to see more options than just the baby bjorn, though!
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I also wish Anne Heche and her husband would wear their maya without the shoulder up on their necks! It looks so painful!
I was thinking the same thing "Didn't they watch the video?!' OUCH
Looks to me like she is wearing it spread out more on her shoulder, but with his hand on her shoulder that way, you just can't see the shoulder cap part of the sling. As for him,
I dunno, but my dh always wears the sling (any kind--maya, pouch, homemade, Kissasling) in a way that rubs his neck and looks uncomfortable to me. He insists that it's fine, and he hates when I try to adjust it to be over his shoulder....says that "impedes his mobility" Whatever. I'm just thrilled that he'll sling the kids!
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I think it makes a lot of sense for celebrities to wear their babies. It keeps curious people from trying to touch them or (heaven forbid) snatch them from the stroller...

peace, Beth
OH man, I am glad they are wearing their babies, but I have never wanted to reach through the screen and adjust their straps SOO much in my life!!!

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