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Celestial Baby

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I got a very cute fitted from her. I also got 2 free wipes and a extra doubler/soaker. I won it off eBay as a second with a serging mishap (looks perfect to me though)
It was very absorbant, and I would def. buy more from her in the future!!!

ETA: I got another fitted off of her and it is excellent. These are the only fitteds I will use. I am very particular. Highly recommend.
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I just got an order from Celestial Baby last week as well. Super fast shipping and super cute and SOFT fitteds!
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I have 2 of the Celestial Baby fitted diapers and am in love with them. They are very well made, and fit Emily wonderfully.

One of them is from a vintage print fabric, and it is our favorite. My husband even loves it!

I ended up going back and ordering some wipes from CB, because we use the really cute ones as napkins at dinner, and Amber was SO nice to work with! She even sent a doll diaper with my order for my daughter!

I highly recommend this wahm for her wonderful product and super customer service.
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I love Celestial Baby so much I wrestled with the ethical dilemma of keeping it to myself, lol. They are one of my top 5 favorite fitteds. The fit is wonderful, absorbency is great, the design is very unique, workWAHMship is perfect, her fabrics rock and she matches stuff up very well. I have ordered fitteds, covers, doll diapers, and a sling. Her service is fast and friendly. In short, I will order again and again (paypal permitting) and always look forward to her stockings.

There... the secret is out.
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I have more of these diapers than any other and I'm so sad that my little one is growing out of them. These are excellently made diapers, and Amber is an excellent WAHM to work with. Her fabrics are great and she works quickly and keeps up great communication.

I would def. order many more of these if I had a chance...

Originally Posted by Sheena
I love Celestial Baby so much I wrestled with the ethical dilemma of keeping it to myself, lol.
Me, too, but since the cat is already out of the bag...These are one of my top fave. I love the aborbency and the fit and she does such wonderful work. I got an appliqued surfboard diaper and it is my favorite. I like it so much I never know when to use it. I always want to save it for when we go out but then he ends up not wearing it much. I hate to waste for just around the house.
I adore fitted diapers from Celestial Baby. I have some seconds (and i honestly can't see why they are not considered first quality) and some first quality fitted diapers both from the in stock store and custom ordered. Amber's eye for color and fabrics makes her diapers really stand out in the field. the wonderful fit and the excellent quality also makes a Celestial Baby diaper one of the finest you can buy.

We have some doll diapers, too, and my baby loves changing her baby's diaper
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I have bought many, many diapers from Celestial Baby, and I cannot say enough good thing about them. They make up the bulk of my diapers, and I use them before anything else.

The Celestial Snuggles and her fitteds are by far my favorite diapers. They are my go to diapers. They work wonderfully. For nighttime, traveling or ust hanging out.

The workmanship is superb. The diapers are gorgeous. The fit is great. The design is wonderful. They never cease to fail me.

Better than the wonderful diapers is the excellent customer service. Amberjane is extremely friendly, generous and talented. When I expressed regret in missing a gorgeous diaper she listed, she immediately offered to make me one. It was very kind.

Every order I have made (there have been many, as I also have her doll slings and doll diapers
) has been sent in a timely manner and arrived in perfect condition. She is a true diaper artist.

I highly recommend Celestial Baby.
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AWESOME!!! I ordered 2 halloween custom fitteds. They arrived in about a week! Super cute and absorbant! They fit my ds fantastically! I
them! Great CS too, keeping me informed of the status of my order!
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I really like this diaper. Beautiful, wonderful fit, and the workmanship is great.
There was only one con for this diaper... it shrunk a bit.
Hemp shrinks a lot, so you have to prewash/dry the fabric like 3 times.. so I certinly understand how this could happen. But it still sucks that it is not the same size it was when I bought it.
I had several more orders with this WAHM, and I wanted to leave a review on the stellar customer service.

I love these diapers. This WAHM did some awesome custom diapers for me that turned out wonderful.

I have never had mine shrink, and I own more than a few dozen :LOL I am very happy with my experiences with this kind and talented diaper artist
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