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Celiacs, Vitamin Deficiency and Pregnancy

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Hi Guys

I have Celiac Disease and although I eat well and take a good Prenatal Vitamin, I have been having some moderately bad Pregnancy Depression (I'm 16w5d preg with 2nd baby).

Does anyone know what specific deficiencies we tend to have, and what leads to depression? I know Vitamin B... What foods have LOTS of that??

Any others?

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If you're diet-compliant and have been for a few years, you shouldn't have any vitamin deficiencies.

I'd only been GF for two years prior to becoming pregnant. I tend to be deficient in folic acid, B12, and iron, but I don't suffer from depression. I think B6 has been implicated in depression and I know that's a common one to be deficient in with malabsorption disorders like CD, but I could be mistaken.

There are a lot of different B vitamins, found in all sorts of foods.

Keep in mind that hormones can do a doozy on your moods.
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