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Cell Phones and Laptops...

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Anyone feeling 'weird' when talking on cell phones or sitting with a laptop in your lap? I actually feel kinda 'crampy' if my laptop is in my lap, but not if it is on the table. Cell phone gives me a headache if I talk for longer than a few minutes...
It worries me...we talk about problems with u/s and here I am using cell phones and laptops. I really don't know much about the technology of either and thought maybe someone else on here may know.
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I very rarely, if ever, talk with the cell phone to my ear - I use the headset. Mostly it's because I'm either driving or crocheting, but also because the one we use doesn't have an extendable antena... and I remember watching something on 20/20 or Dateline years ago about a possible link to brain tumors. We don't use ours much period.

As for the laptop, I asked my doctor about it last pregnancy, and she said that it wasn't a problem. My husband is our resident computer geek, and I've had him explain it to me before - here's what I remember. The wireless network connection is a radio wave, and the screen part gives off radiation in the form of light and heat - but it's not the same kind as people were worried about from the desktop monitors. All in all, I'm not worried about it - but I don't keep it on my lap often (that's usually where ds is =) ).

I'm not saying don't research it - do whatever you need to feel more comfortable. But I'll pass along the same advice that I gave to another friend last week when we were talking about microwaves. She said she's not convinced that they're as safe as we've "been lead to believe" - and while ignorance is bliss, it can also be deadly. I said that's fine - just remember that EVERYTHING has some sorce that says it will kill you or give you cancer... from drinking herbal teas (or even water) to birthing outside a hospital =) Do what you feel makes you and your family healthy and safe - but don't drive yourself crazy
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The only thing I'd worry about is heat from a laptop. I think newer ones may not be so bad? But some of the older ones got pretty hot, and thus they actually even say not to use in your lap period (pregnant or not). But that's just a heat issue due to all those electronics being stuffed into such a small space without adequate circulation.

Because of the heat issue, I generally like to put a laptop on top of a table or at least on top of a board or something so it's not directly on my lap. You can feel your laptop's bottom when running, and if it feels pretty warm, maybe put it on a table when using it.
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