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Central CT moms - where do you have your kids hair cut?

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Hi mamas. My ds is 22 months and finally in need of a haircut. Where do you take your kids? What do you like, not like about your place?

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Cut it yourself and skip those nasty fumes at the salon.

I wasn't taken to a hairdresser until I was in my teens because my hair didn't grow much until then. I don't have little ones yet, but I cut my father's, sister's, and DP's hair.
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Hi Spencersmom!

I take my little boy to the local barber. The few times he has had his hair cut he has really enjoyed it!

Many people I know take their kids to those specialty kids hair cutting places. The location that I am aware of is in Canton on 44, but that is probably too far for you. They are all over the place. Most of them have videos, video games, cool seats, prizes and lots of hair glitter.

My only fear with going to a kids only place is that once I start taking the kiddos there they won't want to go anywhere else and the quick run down to the barbers will be out.

Best of luck and I can't wait to see Spencer's new hair-do!
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We go to scissor kids in Glastonbury. The haircut is a little pricey ($15) but they have neat seats for the kids (race car, jeep, etc.) they put on TV with Sesame street or what ever your child likes and they have patience!!! They only do kids hair so its really nice. The waiting area is nice and clean with toys. I have been able to walk in with no wait during the week. The first hair cut you get a little certificate and a picture. There is also an all kids hair place in Canton.

Good luck.

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