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central florida help needed asap!!!

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we are going to deltona this coming friday to visit family. alas, they will all be out at wet and wild on saturday
and we need something to do other than sit around someone else's house with a very active 3yo. we'd like to not travel far at all, and the activities needn't be extraordinary. parks, etc, suffice. please help!!!!

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Hi Megin! I can't blame you for wanting to avoid W&W- what a madhouse! There are quite a few parks in Deltona: Gemini Springs is really in Debary, but its really easy to get to (off I4 at Deltona/Debary exit, turn right and its on the left before you get to 17-92). There are 2 playgrounds at the sports complex on Saxon, but there will also be tball/baseball by the front one and soccer in the back, so parking may be a challenge. The Wes Crille park on Ft Smith prob. won't be too crowded as the water play area is not open yet. Check out and if you don't mind venturing out of Deltona and into other areas of Volusia. Blue Springs is close by in Deland as well.

Hmm, the Central Florida Zoo is in Sanford. It's small, but my kids still enjoy it. Here is the seminole county site: The "downtown" area of Sanford is trying to revitalize-little shops, cafes, ice cream parlor, 4 or 5 used book stores and my DHs favorite, the dock by the marina-actually the kids like to walk around and look at the sailboats as well.

Hope you enjoy your visit!

Carey- A Florida Native (Trust me, we're a rare breed
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oh this is so helpful!!! you mentioned a water play area that is not yet you know of any that are? DS loves the water areas at parks nearby to us (of course they don't open until it's actually hot here....July????

See less See more is the link for the water park in Daytona. I've never tried it on a weekend, so I'm not sure how crowded it will be. We've gone over there a few times and DS loves it. DD -hates- water falling/splashing on her (ie shower, sprinklers, etc) so she prefers the playground area. anywho...its only about a 30 drive from Deltona to Daytona. Enjoy your visit; glad I could help.
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