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cereal vs. fruits/veggies as first food

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Just curious if anyone has any info on pros and cons? I am planning on doing homemade babyfood (when my baby starts in a few months) and I've read some info about starting baby on fruits/veggies first and then other info on starting with rice cereal, anyone have some info to share??
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Rice cereal has no nutritional content other than the extra iron. Fruits and veggies all the way. And I strongly suggest not doing bunches of purrees, but going right to finger foods. If they're not ready for soft finger foods, they're not ready for solids.

LLL recommends fruits and veggies first. Remember hearing someone say that even the AAP used to say 1/4 tsp of "other foods" per meal. So very small quantities.

I think if allergies aren't an issue and if there are no oral motor problems, then skipping straight to soft foods is excellent.

We would just give small bits of whatever soft things we were eating.

There was, can't remember where I saw it, here maybe, a website about giving children the whole food to eat from....It's Scandanavian maybe? Maybe someone will know what I'm talking about.

IF I have time later, I'll try to look it up.
Children should never be given grains as a first food. They are difficult for anyone to digest, but babies don't even develop amylase (the enzyme necessary for the breakdown of grains) until about two years of age. Fruits and Veggies all the way!

There is alot of research to suggest that fruits are the ideal first food, with a nutritional content and composition that is very close to breastmilk.
I am SO glad you brought this up. My DD is 6mo 1wk old and still EBF. She has several food sensitivites (dairy and soy are the big ones) and I was completely suprised that my Naturopathic family doc still suggested that 1)she is ready for solids and 2)she should start with rice cereal!!!! I thought for babies with food intolerances especially that waiting a bit longer would be a good thing.

I am not trying to hijack your thread - I am hoping this will be useful to you too!

Do you other mamas have any links for me to read up on this? I never feel obligated to take may doc's advice completely - I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing. My instincts tell me to wait a bit longer (even though developmentally she may be ready to handle solids, I don't know that her gut is ready) and maybe start with veggies.

Any additional info would be appreciated. I have Super Baby Food and I, too, am planning to make my own organic baby food.

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Thanks for the advice!! I think I will start with a fruit or veggie first, I am curious about the puree vs. soft food anyone have a link as to why one would be better than the other?
Ok so I have a quick question to add, do you give any cereals when they are older or just fruits/veggies?
Fruits and Veggies all the way. Speaking of cluelessness of some friend started giving her 2mo son few spoons of cream of wheat!!! My jaw dropped when she told me...she said that her ped. ok'd it. OMG. Wheat is the worst.
My stepson's mother gave him rice cereal WITH SUGAR at 6 weeks!!! dh tried to point out to her at the time that she was dead wrong, and she said that her mother did the same thing and she turned out fine (well.... that is a matter of opinion... but anyway......) And to this day, they give him cream of wheat and baloney mixed together with tons of sugar (he is 10) GROSS ME OUT!!!!!
Babies are just small people. It is unnatural (IMO) to feed them with a spoon. THey should at all times be in control as they are at the breast. Giving them soft food allows them to control the pace and amount. It improves self confidence and doesn't set them up for feeding problems down the line.

I don't really do any grains since I now know better. Wish I had earlier.
I would start with fruit, then veggies, then grains. My naturopath tells me to start everyday by eating fruit then waiting 20 min because fruit is the easiest on the digestive system. I read that babies can't digest garins properly until 1 to 1 1/2 years of age. Also the vitamin C in fruits and especially dark green vegetables help the body to digest iron better. P.S. Quinoa has and obsene amount of iron in it. 1 cup contains 87% of an adults daily requirements.
We skipped the whole babyfood thing altogether. We gave her soft fruits and veggies. She was probably about seven and a half months old or so when she started getting good at her pincher grasp. She also became very interested in our food. We did give her some sweet potatoes mashed with a fork, but that is as close to purreed foods as we ever got.
Just FYI: If quinoa isnt' prepared properly it has inhibitors which will prevent the absorption of iron.
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