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I have been driving myself crazy reading and reading about CIN, cervical cancer, effect on fertitlity, treatments etc and I just about can't take it any more so I thought I should post here…
So I had my first smear a year ago (I am 27) The nurse rang me back saying I had severe dysplasia of the cells on my cervix (CIN 3) due to untreated HPV 16&18, she told me that the results indicated that I needed to be seen urgently and told me I would be refered to the hospital for a colposcopy within 2 weeks, rather than the usual 4-6 weeks - this part scared me terribly. I asked the nurse If I should be worried about this and her reply was a rather blunt 'yes'. Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but at least it is honest. She made me an apointment with the doctor who recommended me to do treatment with CERVUGID Ovules combined with Isoprinosine Tablets (antiviral - just one cours with 3 boxes for severe HPV high risk) and if the treatment doesn’t work to do Cone Biopsy. This treatment has to be administrated in 2 courses, each cours 3 boxes of Cervugid.
I don't know how these worked but it couldn't be bad. I stopped the Cervugid treatment in February 2016 like my doctor told me and to repeat all medical tests. May 2016 I had to repeat pap and everything came back normal! No dysplasia and no HPV!
My next pap in September 2016 was normal again and no HPV!
Since now I prefer to repeat all tests every 6 months.
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