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cervical pain (again I know)

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I'm a whiner, I know-BUT today I went to the grocery store and had to basically grab what I really needed and leave. The pain in my cervix was so sharp-it made me jump involuntarily.It happened several times in the store.Now that I am back home it is not so bad-but I have been sitting down. It isn't the actual pain that bothers me as much as the thought of what it means-I still have afew more weeks until I would be comfortable with labor coming and each of those pains was accompanied by a crampy baby moving DOWN feeling. These are past the twinge stage as they seem to be lasting longer. He is really active today too for some reason. maybe just bored in there? oh well-I am just starting to feel paranoid and I came here to let it out because DH just turns ghostly pale when I tell him about this stuff
I'm glad you guys are here to listen to me whine.

My blessing way is this evening-so I am hoping baby will calm down by then and leave my poor cervix alone.
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I've been having the same thing for a couple of months. Sometimes the babe hits a cervical nerve and it actually paralyzes my leg for a moment.

Had it in last pregnancy. Doesn't really mean anything in regards to labor unless it is accompanied by dilation and frequent regular contractions.

Nonetheless, it is very uncomfortable.

Soon enough our babes will be here, and we won't even give a thought to this discomfort.

(at least that's what I keep telling myself)
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I've had it too, but I don't think it means anything - other than baby is being mean! I swear he flips head-up just so he can drop-kick my cervix. OUCH.
Right there with ya. All these twinges and stuff just play wiht my head way too much!
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So...what's normal in terms of cervical pain? I'm starting to feel some twinges and sometimes a bit of pressure down there--definitely not all the time, and I notice it especially when I'm active (i.e., packing my apartment). I'm a little shy of 33 weeks. This is all normal, right?
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Seems to be!
I didn't notice any of this stuff except the pressure because my dd did drop early (28w IIRC). I sure noticed it last time and I'm noticing it now.

I've had several decent contractions today that had me running to the potty to pee while thinking "ouch ouch cervix" from all the pressure!
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Originally Posted by radicalmama
Sometimes the babe hits a cervical nerve and it actually paralyzes my leg for a moment.
That seems to happen to me, OUCH!
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