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cervix...anterior and posterior???

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What does this mean?

i've seen it on several posts but I have never heard it explained.
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This is my understanding -
When the cervix is posterior it is faced towards your back and is a bit harder to get to.
Towards the end of your pregnancy it becomes midline and then becomes anterior. I believe your cervix has to be anterior for delivery - it is also easier to get to for checking. My MW checked me last week and at 37 weeks I was anterior - unfortunately that still doesn't give me a timeline of impending labor and I don't know when it became anterior.

Can you tell yourself??

I'm NOT going to try...since I know at my stage any messing with the cervix can cause change. But I will say that at about 14 weeks I could hardly find it and last week it was very obvious...but not that I've checked
: (but I hadn't checked it since about 14 weeks...when I was still spotting. This past week I've had contractions out the wazzoo and wanted to see if I could tell if anything were different...why this obsession with my cervix??)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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