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Hello, I’m new here and I just read a few threads about cervix tearing while looking for answers (it has been very difficult since cervical tearing seems to be rare).
I had a tear from a low transversal c-section that went through the cervix and down into the vagina, this doesn’t mean I had a “vaginal tear”, it was just a very long tear that went down to the vaginal portion of the cervix.
I knew about the tearing and the causes but I didn’t know it was still there because my chart says it was stitched.
I found out it is still torn just a couple of days during a routine ob/gyn exam because I want to start trying to conceive.
I just wanted to know if someone had something similar and attempted for another baby, what was the outcome, we’re you advised to have a c-section? Did you tried for a VBAC?
I was told not to try for a VBAC And that I might need a cerclage but only if my uterus doesn’t heal sufficiently when I’m 12weeks pregnant.
Any feedback is much appreciated!
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