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cervix texture/position

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I can't find any info about how a cervix is supposed to feel during pregnancy. Coming from the TTC forum, I'm used to checking that
but haven't since we found out we were pg. So because I've been having a little cramping and pressure, I checked and it's sooooo soft and a teeny bit open, kind of like a really fertile time. Is that how it's supposed to be? And what's with the pressure feeling? Anyone else having that?
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Same here. Very soft, at least one finger open, and lots of thick mucous discharge. If any one has an answer, I' be glad to hear it!!! thanks
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Very soft is normal. It could be closed tight or open a tiny bit. My cervix is open about a fingertip.
Mine feels like the knot on a filled balloon and the portion below it. It's open about 3 fingertips on the outside and then the stitch is above that and is about a finger wide.

Anyone knows what effacement feels like? Thats what I've been worried about.
DH says mine is a lot bigger than it was pre-preg (we didn't do fert monitoring).

Esp for women who've had baby's before, it's common to be a little dialated all the time.
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