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Cesarean support circle IV (October 16- )

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I finally got to ask my OB why she did a clasiscal cut. She said because I was only 24 weeks preggo, there was no uterus lower in my abdomen to incise. So she had to go up. I accept her explanation, but I am still sad about it.

She said I have a 3-5% chance of uterine rupture if I labor. I asked her what would happen, what were the consequences. Her eyes kind of bugged out and she said "Of a Uterine Rupture?" I said "Yes, of a uterine rupture." Apparently I could bleed out, the baby would probably die from placental abruption and I would probably wind up with a hystorectomy. Joy.


My OBs were totally ok with me trying to VBAC (As I've mentioned before), and at first *I* had some concerns (I have a regular lower cut, but still) when I asked about the risks of rupture I was told that basically I could lose my uterus, but I swear, no one ever told me that the baby could have died, and when I found out later, I was really mad that I hadn't known that. You see those who are pushing VBAC (And God Bless them, they help a lot of women avoid unnecessary sections), but they do not/will not talk about the risks or horror of uterine rupture (except to say how rare it is-true, and how not having labor inducing drugs will decrease the risk-true), they just never say that the baby could die as a result (it makes sense I just didn't know it), and when I was having #2, I agreed to VBAC without labor inducing drugs, and in the end that was my choice - do I allow the drugs (with only a midwife present, and the OB a mere few minute drive away) or go for another section? I went for the section. (sorry- C-birth

It is a hard thing, esp. when you have a tendency to all things natural, but I have said before, all of the mamas on the c-support threads make their own decisions and educate themselves, and always do what is best for their own babies with the info. they have.

I am sorry again for your loss, and the loss of possibility of ever having a vaginal birth, you have been through so much, (((HUGS))).
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gossamer--sorry about your news

I was told right up front the possiblity of uterine rupture and baby death and the like. I will not be monitored the entire time during labor (unless I get the one ob that requires it) But I'm birthing in a birthing center...that is attached to a hospital L&D Ward. You would never know you wre in a hosiptal either. ANd I am closer to the OR than I would be in a regular labor room. If the bc was not attached to a l&d I don't know that I would vbac in a bc.

I'm hoping to avoid another c/b but I know it might happen and I think that that realization is a good thing in my case,. Otherwise I feel like I would be fooling myself to think that nothing could go wrong. With my ds c/b was never in my mind...till it happened.
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I was watching either the today show or the other one and Matt Lauer was talking to Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman said, I heard that your a dad again! blah blah blah...did you guys use lamaaze? Lauer said, Actually it was a planned cesaerian
(he said it with a smile) and Hoffman said, Reeaaly (it was one of those drawn out reallys) my wife had an unplanned cesaerian. Is your wife recovering well? Lauer said, Of course and our daughter is beautiful!

I just thought it was interesting....
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Hello. I had an emergeny c-section w/ my ds and most likely will be having a repeat c-section w/ this baby. I have researched and considered vbac but I just don't feel comfortable with it. My doctors have made it very clear that it is my choice. So far, I have not given them my final decision, but I feel that a repeat c-section is the right choice for me.
Does anyone have an opinion as to what is better - an epidural or a spinal? I was put to sleep w/ my ds and I know I don't want that again if I don't have to. I want to be awake to hear my baby's first cries and to be able to nurse asap after the surgery.
sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
I am also curious about what kind of anesthesia. I had spinals both times, and didn't feel the cutting
which is truly my main concern, but I did feel the "pressure" but I understood that that would be felt either way

I also had severe itching the second time, and also they had the adjust the table to "bring it up" at first, then it was too far, as my breathing got funny, so back down- it was frustrating, but I had a great anesthesiologist both times, and am hoping for another great one!

While we are on the subject of spinal vs. epidural, does anyone else have any suggestions for pain relief afterwards? I had asked about it in the previous thread, just before we switched, and I'd like as many opinions as possible.

Also, I say "you go daddy" to Matt Lauer! I like the fact that he didn't make any apologies for how his daughter was born, and didn't give any hint of regret about it, that is what any wife and child need, validation from daddy, esp. when he is talking to so many people.
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I have no basis for comparison as I had epidurals both times. No problems with either birth. The first birth I was completely out of it due to laboring through the night, the second birth I was nursing my daugther within twenty minutes.

Re: celebrity cesarean deliveries in general-I'm always interested to see those who have the time to judge celebrities that have cesareans--sometimes insinuating that the celebrity chose to have it done for reasons of vanity or convenience-which blows my mind! This is the least vain and convenient thing to go through, isn't it? Yet somehow that perception carries over to the rest of us. I'll never understand a woman feeling the need to marginalize another woman's birth experience.
i had spinal both hurts like hell when they're sticking you in the back, and it varies how much sensation remains...with DS's birth it was like the lower half of my body just went away. With DD, I felt it. It wasn't painful but I got bad cramps in my legs which got worse because I couldn't move my legs!
On the up side, I was awake and able to see the baby right away. In fact with DD, I was the one who yelled "It's a girl!"
and I nursed her on the table after they sewed me up.

Pain relief suggestion is take full advantage of painkillers and don't act macho (or would that be "macha?")
I decided it was more important to be functional and fully enjoy my baby, and it really made things easier the second time around.
By the fourth day I didn't need painkillers anymore.
Oh yes, and lie down as much as you can, it's the most comfortable way to nurse!
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hi ladies,

just checking in. my baby was born on 10/14 via emergency c-sec. i'm still gathering my thoughts about it all to write the birth story. glad to see this thread and thank to the ones who referred me to it.

i will be back soon.
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this is my latest obsession lately so please forgive me if it's too personal... how may of you sectioned ladies had the vertical cut v.s horizontal (bikini) i have the vertical cut and i know it is rare but just how rare is it .

(i had a "natural spontious vaginal birth followed by a horrendous experience that led to a life threating necessity to have section 6 wks later.)
I had the bikini cut both times, and intend to this time as well.

Can you explain the last line in you post (if you don't mind) I do not follow what happened to you (only if you want to share).
Here in Japan most cesarians are done with a vertical incision.
Women do VBAC with vertical incisions here but of course they would do it in a hospital because of the increased risk of rupture.
I have a horizontal incision because I insited on it...the doctor went along with my wishes but acted like I was being vain and silly.
Congratulations on the birth of your daughter, Ana-my daughter was born a few days later! Hope your recovery is going well, and I look forward to hearing your story!

Lovebugsmommy-I've had two horizontals.
Jess7396... (you asked
This is what my husband wrote into work...
Its a long story so Ill try to bullet point it.

1. On Thursday evening my wife was checked into ***** Hospital because of episodes of sever pain in her uterus and a 103 fever(she rated it higher than birth pain)
2. I spent Thursday night with the baby sleeping in the hospital next to her.
3. 3:30 am (Thursday night/Friday morning) Holly has the worst episode ever. I don't sleep any more that night
4. Friday morning I hand carried her MRI to another concoctor in Modestoto look at to see if he could figure more out.
He came to the same conclusion that our doctor did. There is 'schmutz' in there. Stuff in the uterus that has to come out.
5. The plan was to do another DNC or DNE and remove the stuff around Tuesday after a few days of antibiotics.
6. Friday night she spiked a fever again.
7. Saturday 10 am they did the DNC. The doctor also did a Hysteroscopi(he stuck a camera in and took pictures)
8. 11 am the Result: There is something big 3" or so still in there. Plan: After a month or less we will do a c-section type operation to look at it and possibly remove it.
9. 11:30 am Holly's blood pressure is deathly low. They cant give her nearly enough pain medication because of this.
10. 2 pm Her blood pressure is up to 90/40. So she is stable but still in lots of pain.
11. 5 pm Her blood pressure is dropping again. They give her 1 unit of blood but its slow. More pain.
12. 6 pm Doctor rates her condition as 'Crappy'. Her lips are almost transparent. Still incredible pain.
13. 7 pm Doctor says we are going to do the c-section surgery with in the hour. I have to sign a paper that says 'Possible Hysterectomy incase the doctor has to remove the uterus to save holly.
14. 8 pm She enters surgery.
15. 9 pm nurse comes out and says everything is looking good. They just have to put her back together now. They removed the thing and still don't know exactly what it is. They also fixed a hole in her uterus that was leaking blood. It was probably introduced from the DNC earlier that day, but 'the thing' was blocking the view of the back of the uterus so the doctor could not see it with the camera.
16. 11 pm They finished and holly's blood pressure goes back up right away.
17. 12 am (Saturday night/Sunday morning) Her vital signs are stable. Blood test comes back looking much better. She says she feels much better not as much pain. She is also drugged up good now. Finally.
18. 12:30 am I decide to go home. I drive over to my sister's hous to take care of Sophie(our baby). I don't sleep much just hold our baby.
19. 10 am Sunday we go and visit. She is looking much better compared to her earlier state that is.
20. 11:30 am we leave so holly can sleep.
21. The afternoon was a mad house at my place, many relatives here begging to help with the baby in some way. They all finally leave around 8 pm
22. 11 pm. Holly calls. The doctor is there again. He is going to give her 2 more units of blood because her hemoglobin is still low.
23. The baby sleeps from 10:30 pm to 4:30 am(6 hours) The most sleep I have gotten in a long time
24. Holly seems stable today. We should have results back today or tomorrow to find out what the thing was.

I am plan to go visit Holly today again.
I have everything I need and will probably do some work, if just to take
my mind off the events of the last few days.
We don't know how long holly will be in the hospital, but she is now recovering
from a c-section.
The up shot is she get at least 6 more weeks off work to stay home with Sophie.

This is from myonline journal
Just a short note to let you know I'm doing much much better. I was released today... the "thing" has been removed... the official diagnosis is not given yet as to what it is but we My husband my self and my grandparents all believe it to be the same exact thing. We believe it to be a degenerating baby.
From what jeffrey saw in the pictures from the surgery it could have easily been another baby. It breaks my heart to think that but it makes sense. from the clots I was passing with tissue and the type of clotting it isn't impossible to believe. I think the baby (sophies twin) died around 32 weeks... erwhelmmed with the love from all of you. You women really did
help pull me through. Thank you so much for all the caring praying and support
that you have given to my husband and myself.

As for me and the whole ordeal I don't remember the really bad parts...
I know my bp got as low as 20 over 4 and we were really happy when we got up to 90 over 40 I had an awesome night nurse who really kept me alive I believe. I sufferred some incredible pain... much worse than I ever believed to be lived though, and now I know I can. I have become much more vocal about what I want how I want it and what I expect from persons... especially
from the medical field... I was finally allowed to go home after a day of crappy care from some stupid nurses... and now I haven't had a fever for over 24 hours. and my pain is so mild... just the incision. I have 8 more weeks off of work... to stay home with my daughter, I feel very lucky to have my life and this extra special time with my daughter.

my dr believes that i will be able to have children again in about 6 weeks i'll have a ct scan and he'll squirt dye into my tubes and uterus to see how it all looks.

I went out to lunch with Jeffrey today and we talked about our future... don't ever forget what a blessing it is to be able to take talking about the future ... we just want to face it together, no matter what we just feel so fortunate to have this type of relationship.
Thank you so much Ladies for everything...I may not post for a day or two
(just recovery )
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Thank you so much for sharing your story, it was frightening and I was crying just reading it, you are truly Blessed to be alive, and it sounds like you have taken only the best from the experience, I applaud you for that, you are an amazing woman, and have been through so much (((HUGS))).
I'm so glad to see this thread on here! I'm new here, although not to the mothering boards in general. I'm 28 weeks with my second son, and my first son was a c-section birth -- emergency, after 48 hours of unsuccesful induction including pitocin, breaking the water,etc. I only ever got to 5 cm dialated. I had preeclampsia and my son was born -- very healthy -- at 36 weeks. Now with this one, my doctor, whom I trust, strongly advices against a VBAC because of the chance of rupture and because she doesn't think I would dialate. I was unsure at first but what finally decided me was the statistics on rupture and the consequences. I am against having an amnio (save in the most dire circumstances) because of the small risk of miscarriage. The stats are the same for rupturing with a VBAC. So why risk it?

All that said, I have a question for you ladies. I am trying to make this (planned) birth as pleasant and "normal" as possible. With my first son I didn't get to see him for two hours, then only for a few minutes of breastfeeding (it was very late and they insisted he go to the nursery that night). I know that part of the reason I didn't see him for so long was that he was four weeks early and they were monitoring his breathing closely. I'm hoping that won't be the case this time. Did you get to hold your baby fairly soon after the c-section (right away in the recovery room)? For how long? What about rooming in and breastfeeding? I had a very rocky start breastfeeding last time and am hoping to do better this time (long story). Any advice on how I can make this birth go the way I want (Of course, barring any emergencies or unexpected problems)?
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Hi musikat-I had a planned cesarean on 9/19, and my hospital is so pro-breastfeeding that they brought my daughter to me immediately in post-op, with the lactation consultant in tow to see if I needed any help. I had spoken to my doctor beforehand & expressed that I wanted to nurse asap, but it really wasn't necessary. And it was just assumed my daughter would room in with me.

Have you written a birth plan? Maybe you need to put your wishes in writing. I'm sure they'll work with you provided there are no emergencies, as you say.

I wish you all the best, please come here for more support if you need it. PS-I also had an emergency c the first time-the planned one a month ago was a completely different experience. I feel it resolved much of the pain I experienced the first time.
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