Just when I was about to go crazy from the cold weather, I left town for California. My first morning, I took a long walk in the sun and then stopped by a coffee bar. As I unfolded the weekend edition of the Santa Monica Daily Press, I came across an article about a local spa that was offering an infertility treatment I'd never heard of before: a vaginal steam bath.

Apparently, chai-yok (the official name) is a Korean remedy to help women get pregnant. In all the years I've been trying to conceive, I've come across a ton of unusual holistic fertility therapies (I've tried most of them, too), but until Sunday, I wasn't familiar with sitting on an open-steated stool so that a pot of steaming herbs could rise into your "orifice" (as the spa describes it). According to another article, this one in the Los Angeles Times, the spa's owner had five of these treatments and got pregnant. She'd been trying for three years (the article didn't specify whether she used also used advanced reproductive technology).

Even though my husband is going to be joining me in California soon, I don't think I'll try the V-Steam in preparation for his visit. I'd be worried about burning my delicate skin. But I thought I'd mention it because I'm a big fan of saunas and steam baths, albeit more general ones. And hey, just because I'm going to skip this type doesn't mean it's not right for you. If I've learned anything about holistic therapies while on my fertility journey, it's this: if a treatment is relaxing, affordable, makes you feel better, and doesn't have big risks, go for it.

When you were trying to get pregnant, did you try any unusual treatments? Do you think they helped?

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