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Chandler anyone?

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Hi! I am not actually parenting yet but the little one is due in July and I have virtually no friends with babies! Where would be the best place to meet some new mommas around here?
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Congrats on your new LO!
I don't have any babies either (anymore =D) my 'babies' are soon to be 11 & 8... But I am moving to your area soon and will need to know where to meet other mamas too, so maybe we could figure it out together...
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Hi! congrats!

i'm in chandler... i'm still trying to meet parents with the same values as myself, and just have a hard time... i know other parent's, i just don't agree with thier parenting style (eg i don't like dd to be around people who use cio, ect). my dd is 9 months and will be a year in july!! i have lived in az almost 4 years, so most of my friends i first met don't have kids and dh and i are trying to find a new social group...

any way, i'm a social person, i hate shopping (i think i would actually meet people if i went to the mall), and i love the out doors. just pm me if you want!
East Valley AP Mamas and Papas

I belong to them and they are a very supportive, non judgmental, fun group who plan a lot of activities.
Woo hoo thanks. I havd a 1 year old DD but we only in chandler during the winter. checking that site out
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I live in the north valley but Chandler mall has a playarea and a barnes n noble inside the mall. I think the BN has story time... The public library system also has story time.
Right now its summer so most people are inside but in the winter the park is great for meeting folks.
I'm in Queen Creek (somewhat close to Chandler though)....I've tried a lot of parenting groups and didn't like any of them, although I never tried the AP group! That would be a good place to start.

I hate shopping too and those mall play areas freak me out.....
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