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Changing needs?

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Do you find it hard to keep up with your child's changing (diapering) needs?

When Eliza was very small, infant prefolds/bumkins wraps were all that. They were perfect, I couldnt believe how absorbent prefolds were and why they've never taken off in this country. A bit later, we had a stash of Happy Heinys/assorted aio's. Great! Easy, no fuss etc.

Now, not only have they worn out totally, but aio's just dont cut it anymore. I've got a few for the nappy bag - a concept I could never understand - they're quick and easy for changing in a distracting public place but only absorbent enough for an hour or two. We use them for daycare (stuffed to the gills) because they're easy for our carer.

Fitted's were always WAY overkill for my little girl. I still wouldnt call her a heavy wetter judging by what others say on here, but now we need a fitted with a doubler or a trifolded hemp prefold (or our contours). But the trifolded prefold method doesnt work so well now that she's fully mobile. Got to be careful to get the wrap on just right.

As for covers - she seems to be more sensitive now to PUL/nylon type covers and their lack of breathability. She does get a bit red and rashy sometimes, but it clears within an hour with a bit of breathing space.

Only now that a fitted/wool cover combo would suit her needs perfectly, she's a little girl too big for onesies and baby type clothes and I like to dress her in jeans and the like. Just wont work with fitted/wool.

What's been your experience? I have certainly found there's no such thing as building a stash and then stopping buying unless you're prepared to grit your teeth and put up with it during stages when whatever you have isnt working so well.
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a) your last statment is so true!

b) some fitteds and some wool is trim! LMK if you want recommendations

c) I swear I can hear your australian accent when I read your post in my head.
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with my first, i started out thinking i only wanted pockets and aios. our pockets leaked so did our aios. then i found a certain brand of pul aios that worked like a charm on her. unfortunately after i had accumulated about 18 of them i realized that pul gave dd a rash. eek!! so i floundered around trying to find something else that worked (fleece covers over fitteds and fleece aios), finally broke down and tried wool (wasn't all the rage 3 years ago). during all this she thinned down from a chubby infant to a skinny toddler and it always seemed like the perfect diaper stash was moving target. quite frustrating.

i'm doing a bit better this time around as my second seems to be able to wear anything and i know that i prefer fitteds/covers to aios or pockets for the most part. right now i have some variety in my stash that allows me to cover almost every situation, but i had about 18 of my favorite brand and she is just about to totally undergrow them. cry!!

i can so hear your frustration and i hope you find a stash that works for your dd soon!
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Yup. I totally agree. Ian's stash constantly changed until he was pt'ed. What I liked on him or what worked at one point was garbage months later. I had to try and buy everything out there and sell off or give away what didn't work or what I didn't like. It actually got to be annoying. With Zach now, he's all of...of, what is today? He's like not even two weeks old and I already am switching up b/c now absorbency is an issue and he's growing like a weed! Thank goodness I bought a little of everything for him to see what I'd like/what would work!
I so agree with you!

It's funny too because with my older children I only used guaze flats and Nikky wraps and that was pretty cutting edge!

This time around we've had to make quite a few adjustments along the way.

It's hard for me because I really like to be able to just buy a ton of what works and be done with it. It wouldn't work well to do that this time around because what works well at one point doesn't at another.

Maybe ignorance really was bliss
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I completely agree! We have revamped our stash *entirely* at least 5 times in Maxi's short 18 months of life! I kept what I loved and really worked for him as a new born and other than that I have sold everything to finance starting with other things.

One good thing though is that once you have tried a bit of everything and know what you like and dont like you dont really have to go through it again. I mean there are always new things and new WAHMs coming out but it can be done at a much slower pace than having to start from scratch.
We started with prefolds and PUL, but I didn't have enough wraps for leaky poopy. Once we went to the next size, I decided to start sewing. It took me forever, but I finally made fleece pockets with hemp inserts that we enjoyed for a while. Now we used plain old fitteds with interior soakers. I hang our diapers out on the line so I don't care if it takes 10 hours to dry - but I hate having to get a soaker in the appropriate place when I'm trying to put a diaper on. We use hemp diapers when we go to town with doublers, and they work well. Now I'm wondering if I'll use these diapers on our next baby or if I'll have a whole different opinion then.
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