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Changing our minds 'at the last minute'.

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We have Kaiser Permanente insurance. My husband's company covers all but $150 a month for it. It covers virtually everything with a $5 visit copay. All tests are free, etc. We believe in terminating a pregnancy if the child is not developing properly, so we are having AFP, etc. So, it makes getting our prenatal care through them worthwhile.

We've been contemplating a home birth, though. We live in Los Angeles and have heard of many home birth midwives that are wonderful. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds ($4000-5000) for the entire pregnancy and the birth through one. For this reason--well, I explained it above.

But I'm curious if anyone has had all of their prenatal care through a physician and still had a home birth? How were you able to organize that with the midwife? I'm assuming you need to plan in advance for that general time frame, right? How much did it cost to just have the midwife come to your home once or twice before the baby is born, then at the birth?

Would you advise this?

Thanks in Advance!
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I had Kaiser with DS and started my prenatal care there prior to us deciding to have a homebirth. KP is a great back up to hb because prenatal care and delivery is so cheap that if you do have to transfer there isn't another large expenditure. I did my testing there and continued with a more limited schedule of visits throughout the pg, even while under the mw's care. That being said, the midwives around here charged the same for us starting care in month 5 as if we'd been there in the beginning and I didn't find anyone who would just deliver. Maybe a birth center would work, but otherwise not sure if you'll be able to make it work that way.
We were with KP until December, and then we switched to the MW full-time, but she charged us the full amount. It frustrates me that a home birth is so expensive and not an option for so many people.
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