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Changing schools within the first few years...

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Has anyone dealt with trying a few different schools (elementary) before finding the "right" fit? Do you think it is a big deal or traumatic to do so? DS is going into first grade and we just don't feel 100% right about this choice and may want to switch next year or even mid-year.

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My son is just entering K this upcoming week, so we've not yet moved. But we didn't get into the public elementary that we wanted, so he's on the waiting list. He knows that if his name comes up, he'll be moving. He's prepared for it, and will probably be ok with it. I woudn't switch after mid-year for an older student, IMO that would be hard for the student unless things were really unmanageable at the school. And of course the older they get, the harder the change might be during the school year. But overall, finding the best school for the child is paramount, even if that means changing mid-year.
I would keep an open mind about it, and change if the child was getting a bad education or being treated badly.
My son is starting 1st grade this week at his third elementary school.

We started off last summer thinking he'd go to the neighborhood school, because we were waitlisted at the magnet to which we applied. Then, about 1 week before the 1st day, we learn he got into the magnet. So he started K there, after getting used to the idea of the neighborhood school. Then halfway through the year we moved to a different state, so in January he started the second half of K at a new school, and did pretty well after about 1 week of adjustment.

Over this summer we moved again (from an apt to house) and are in a new district -- we would have tried to stay at the same school but the neighborhood was just too out of our price range.

He's nervous about starting school, but is shy by nature. Today I saw the downside of switching schools - when we went to meet the teacher, there were a few kids who saw that their seat is next to a friend they made in K, and one pair of old friends who were already playging together, oblivious to everyone else. I'm worried my already shy son is going to feel left out when he see that some of the kids already know each other and are good friends, but I'm hopefull that the teacher will help faciliate mixing up the group so everyone gets a chance to sit together/play together.

That said, I'm not thrilled with the school so far, and am toying with the idea of applying to a magnet school, so yet another change looms for him...
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We changed schools after K too. It has been an adjustment, because as has been mentioned, a lot of the kids already know each other and my daughter has been by herself. This week one little girl has been playing with her some. Apparently the teacher is not facilitating anything. I am going to talk to the teacher about it next week. I just want to give it some time before I step in.
I think in the earlier years it's not such a big deal for a child. But by 2nd or 3rd grade they start forming friendships and I wouldn't want to tear them away from that. My son went from homeschooling to public school to homeschooling again and now has been in a private school for almost a year.
I have no problem with switching him back and forth if needed, although he is getting older so it makes more of a difference to him since he has made friends.

I'm of the thinking that in life we go through changes. I think if children learn from an early age that they have to change things around, even changing schools or new homes, etc. then it helps them cope with change as adults.
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I think some of it also has to do with where you live. When I was little I changed schools a # of times, but we moved places like Switzerland and Hong Kong, where people at the new schools were also moving and changing, so it was easier to move because new kids were very common. Where my son is in school now, it seems like most people stay and it would be harder to start new, but ok. As things stand my sons K class has been put into 4 first grade classes, and he didn't get ANY of the children he plays with, which seemed almost impossible because he played with almost everyone in K, but he ended up with 2 girls he never played with. So, even though he is at the same school we are starting again to some extent, and it is hard because I see that so many people in his class have a buddy from last year, or a friend from outside school last year, and he doesn't
, so even if you stick it out you can't neccessarily protect them from change. If you think you will leave him in the magnet school and let him stay there I think the move would be fine.
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Originally Posted by mommy68

I'm of the thinking that in life we go through changes. I think if children learn from an early age that they have to change things around, even changing schools or new homes, etc. then it helps them cope with change as adults.
OK. I'm going to go with that!
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