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Hi ladies, I'm sorry it has taken me this long to check in.
Well-it was in the end 22 hours of labor and 15 mins of pushing.
I did have a wonderful VBAC delivery. So much so that I want to have another baby, JUST so I can push another one out, it was THAT cool!

We finally were seen by the OB at 5:30EST. ( we got there at 3:00 b/c I was told my placenta and cord were working too hard and DS had dropped below the 10th percentile)
They inserted a balloon into my cervix and I was left to dilate to 4 cm until midnight. Then at 4 AM they broke my water. (Gouging the heck out of Charlie's head in the process)

I had a VERY young nurse who couldn't get the cordless monitor working, so I was left to labor, drug free in bed, hooked up. NICE!!
She also was seriously pushing me to get an epi.

Thankfully a very experienced drill sargent nurse came on duty and saved the day. She flat out said it I got an epi this early, it would all end in a c/s.

She got the monitor working on the first try , sent a very grumpy anistesiologist away and got me into the tub. (HEAVEN)

My OB who was not on duty came iin around 10:30 and said she wanted to get me some pit.
At that point I was scared and started considering the epi.

The contx got worse and I was tired of hurting and was so exhausted. (NOT ONE min of sleep the night before)

The epi didn't take on the whole middle to right side. (Same thing as with Hailey) They told me to roll over and Colin and I both thought it was over-b/c it was at that point that DD had her heart deceland theemergency cs followed.
But it was OK.
They gave me a few more fixes which didn't work, then finally he adjusted it and it helped a BIT.
The feeling of having the large end of a baseball bat slowly pulled out of my rectum as his head descended will never be forgotten!

The nurse allowed his head to get really low before I started to push. We got the mirror out and from there on it was one of the best experiences of my life.

The Ob came in with a resident and shoved the mirror out of the way, so I missed seeing him come out, despite my cries of protest, because the incompetent dr was in the way.
I did look down and see him come out though. His cord was around his neck, but as soon as it was cut, he started breathing a few seconds later. Both apgars were 9's. (They only go up to 9 in my hospital-they never use 10)

So he was 6 lbs, 3 oz. He dropped to 5lbs, 12 oz andis now 5lbs, 15 oz.
I was released on Thursday and it has been insane ever since.
He feeds sometimes 3 times in a row-as in an hour!
He latches on, falls asleep within a few sucks, then wakes up starving again.

On Friday I spent almost 10 hours trying to get him a billiruben test, then trying to find someone to interpret the results. (He is coombs positive.I'm O neg. He is A neg. The different blood types means he has a higher chance of more severe jaundice)
And on Friday morning his eyes were yellow/green.
I was stuck all day falling though the cracks and cried hysterically a few times. The last hysterical breakdown got a head nurse to take pity on me and she read the results. (no one at the childbirth center wanted to DO the test for a discharged patient, let alone read the results b/cof liability)

But Sat. was a much better day. We got LC help with the latch and things are looking up)

Hailey has become very whiney and acting up for attention, but that was to be expected. She's also a little mother. Very maternal, which is cute.
She was really excited about the prospect of changing diapers until I actually let her wipe his bum and she got poop on her finger. And THAT was the end of that.
All in all, I want all,I want another!

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Congratulations Mama...

Another successful VBAC. I'm sorry it was such a rough labor, but the power of pushing out your son, must have been incredible. What an empowering feeling.. I'm so happy you got your VBAC (welcome to the special club)...

Best wishes to you and Charles (and your family)

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So very very happy for you, enjoy!

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Welcome Charlie!! What a sweet name!

Congrats Mama on your VBAC, even though the L&D sounds very intense!!! I hope things are going great for your whole family!
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