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Charleston area public schools?

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Hey...I'm planning on moving to the Charleston area next year. Does anyone know where the best public schools are? I'm looking towards West Ashley or Mt. Pleasant...not directly in Charleston. My dd will be in 1st grade then.
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Hi! I just moved from Mt Pleasant in December. Mt Pleasant has some really good schools. If you look in Mt Pleasant on Hwy 17 (north of Hwy 41) then that gets you in a good district. There are several good neighborhoods out there: Ivy Hall (where I lived, I loved it!
), Park West (huge neighborhood with several subdivisions), Charleston National. On the down side finding a house for a reasonable price can be rather difficult.

I absolutely loved Mt P, and really hated to leave it! PM me if you have any questions about the area or house prices or anything.

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Yeah, the reasonable pricing is what I'll be needing, too. We're prolly just going to rent at first...because I don't want to buy a house right away. Thanks, Ladybug, I really appreciate your help.
I've been doing some research on Charleston county school district's website. I'm having a hard time figuring out which ones are not so great. Which elementary schools should I steer clear of? You can pm them to me if you want.
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