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Charlies soap and my HE machine

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First, where do you mama's buy Charlies soap.....I've never seen it in a store, only on the net.

Second, do any of you use it in your HE machine, and if so, how much do you use?
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You can only buy it online, directly from the manufacturer; although I have heard some rumors that certain Whole Foods strores may be stocking it. Not sure about that--ours doesn't.

We have a HE FL and we use the regular, recommended 1 tbsp per load. It works great--no buildup, rinses clean, no residue.
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I bought it online.

I use in in my HE, one scoop. It's amazing!
Do both of you use the powdered detergent in your wash, or are you using the liquid?
I use powdered, about 3/4 tbsp but it's a Euro sized washer.

My choice of powdered versus liquid was really based on practical considerations though--I was bringing it back in my luggage.

They have a list of retailers on their site, but there aren't many unless you're in NC!
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there seem to be a few retailers in almost every state but they are few and far between.

we buy our Charlies online. (ok BOUGHT it online like two years ago, we got the 5gallon bucket and have 1/3 left)

we use the powder, and LOVE it. we use it for all of our laundry. everything.
and its so low sudsing that you really can use a whole scoop in a FL or a HE machine.

but the first load.. well thats SUDSY, but its not the Charlies, its your washer/clothing.
I also bought it from the manufacturer online. I have a FL HE machine and hard water. Lately I've been using 1 teaspoon of Charlie's and 1 teaspoon of oxygen bleach and it works great for me.
I bought mine online direct from the manufacturer.

I have an HE washer and Charlies is just fine. I use 1.5 scoops, though, because I have very hard water and get stink if I use less.
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