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Charlies Soap Question

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So were are going to be using Charlies for our CDs (should be coming in the mail today
. I know it says to do the first wash to clear your washer of residues. We are planning on continuing to use Tide for our stuff and the Charlies for DSs clothes and dipes. Are we going to have to do one of those residue washes everytime before we do his CDs? That seems like a total waste of water and soap but the reason I got the Charlies was for the low residue with the CDs. Any one use this and have some input? Thanks!
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I don't know for sure, but I would think that if you did the initial stripping wash with Charlie's you'd be fine. If you're using Charlie's for diapers and something else for other loads, I would think that the diaper loads would work to keep the machine relatively buildup free.
I use Charlie's, but use it for everything, so I'm just guessing here.

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Manufacturers Note: "We need to let your customers know that none of our products contain disinfectants and our detergents cannot sanitize diapers by themselves. We highly recommend a chlorine bleach in the rinse because bacteria, that can thrive in our detergents, cannot become immune to its effects and it works every time." -Charlie Sutherland
Just to be aware. Charlies didn't get our dipes clean and I had to deal with a bacterial stink.
we use CHarlies for everything, its cheapest, AND its the only thing that doesnt hurt my and DDs eczema and give us open oozey sores.
Charlies rocks.
WHY do you feel the need to keep washing with tide for your clothing if you are going to use Charlies on your diapers?

the only time i EVER use bleach is when i get used diapers, then its just a cold wash with 1/8-1/4 cup chlorine bleach then a HOT HOT HOT strip with Charlies, then they go into rotation.

but we do turn up the water heater all the way so the water is hot enough to kill germies and yeasties.
we have never had any stink or bacteria issues with Charlies.
In well over a year of using it daily for diapers, we have never had any buildup or stink issues with Charlie's, either. Maybe the PP who did have stink didn't have the water hot enough to kill bacteria? We use Charlie's for dipes and All Free & Clear for clothes, and we've never had a problem using 2 different detergents in the same washer. HTH!
We are using Tide on our stuff because I just got a huge thing of it. Once its gone we will probably be all Charlies. Thanks for the tips! My Charlie's arrived in the mail today - WooHoo
The stripping wash is going right now!
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go look at how much suds there are. EWWW. its oddly and grossly fascinating!

Originally Posted by mimid View Post
Just to be aware. Charlies didn't get our dipes clean and I had to deal with a bacterial stink.
This is a good point, however, not many detergents actually disinfect. Charlies is honest enought to admit it. Many detergents mask odors with their fragrance. Most detergents are intended for regular laundry, which rarely develops stink problems like diapers do.

When washing dipes, heat is the main thing that kills the bacteria. On occassion you need somthing stronger, like peroxide bleach, and even less seldom, a small amount of bleach.

Charlies is good b/c it rinses clean, preventing detergent buildup, which can exacerbate bacterial buildup. Afterall, detergents are mostly made up of chemicals, such as phosphorus, which in fact are fertilizers for bacteria.
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I wash my dipes on 60C, so I don't have a problem with charlies. I DO have to use Oxi-Clean on my PFs so they stay nice and white. Chlorine bleach ain't coming near my machine (and we don't have Clorox here anyway, the bleach is different)

We still use Persil Non-Bio on the clothes though (DH can't cope with measuring, Persil comes in liquitabs) and I have to admit, after 3 years of Eau de Persil I'm used to it.
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