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Charlottesville moms - lollipop shop??

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Did anyone hit the lollipop shop consignment sale today???? We did, and it was just OK for me - there have been better years/better sales.

BUT, maybe I'll go back on one of the discount days and shop again.

I did get a cute maternity bathing suit and dress though!
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I tried it on Fri. at the consignors pre-sale. I finally learned this year why I have such a hard time finding good deals there. This is the first year I've consigned and you only get 55% of your asking price. Also volunteers are allowed to pre-shop on Thurs and consignors pre-shop on Fri before the sale opens to the public on Sat. From now on I'll be waiting until the big discount days to go. Its good that you found some cute maternity things!
I went yesterday for the first time, and was decidedly unimpressed. I found a few cute outfits for DD, but the prices didn't seem that great, and there wasn't anything really special there. I was definitely disappointed, because I was hoping to score some cool stuff.
this year was a big disappointment - I've been before where I've gotten some good deals - there have been britax carseats, and cloth diapers even (xs fuzzinbunz). I found a lot of soiled/stained clothes this time. I don't know if it's because as children grow, they're harder on clothes, or if she's not being thorough enough.

There's another consignment sale next month in Staunton that I've had good luck with as well :)

AND, I'll be stalking yard sales coming up soon, Yipee!
Where and when is the one in Staunton? I'd love to go. I have a few items I'd like to try to find -and the lollipop shop didn't have them. Also I have my u/s in 2 days and will know what this baby is - so I'm excited to pick up a few cute things too

Aldersgate United Methodist Church is holding its first Bi-Annual Children's Consignment Sale in October. You can register online at Register now, because space is limited. It should be a great sale!
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