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Charlottesville Roll Call

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Hey, just wondering who is out here still. For a while there we had quite a few people in this area. Please tell us a bit about yourself:

1. Name & Age
2. Where do you live? (c-ville or surrounding county?)
3. Children and ages
4. If you work other than the mom job -what do you do?
5. Any thing else? Comments /questions?
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Hi there!

I'm so excited -- we'll be in Charlottesville by June 1, when DH starts his new job!

1. Mary, age 32
2. don't know where we will live -- going down to look at houses tomorrow!
3. new baby -- 2 weeks old! (first one)
4. was an elementary music teacher until 2 weeks ago
5. I would love any insight anyone can offer on areas to live in within a 15 min drive of the UVA-HealthSouth rehab complex
1. 28 years old
2.bought our 1st house in southern albemarle 2 years ago. kids yet, but trying and waiting by doula-ing
4.I teach preschoolers for the county
5. If this TTC stuff works out, I'll need advice on pediatricians.

*Mary, where is the building? What street or intersection? I could let you know of neighborhoods, etc. if I knew where that building was....
It's at the intersection of 29 and 64 -- in Fontaine Research Park.

We actually put a bid on a house yesterday, in the Woolen Mills neighborhood!!!

1. Latia, 24 years old (25 next month)
2. We'll be moving to C-ville in December. My boyfriend starts law school at UVA in the fall, but ds and I won't move out until after his first semester. We live in San Diego, CA currently.
3. DS, Conner, will be 3 years old in August
4. I've been a SAHM for the past 2 1/2 years, but now I'm a birth and postpartum doula--Yay! I'm currently busy completing my DONA certifications. My future goal is to become a homebirth midwife.
5. My bf is going out next week to look at apartments for us. He may look at preschools as well. Any recommendations for preschools in the area that have full-day care (9-5) Monday through Friday? Once I move out I'll have to set up my doula practice out there. I'm hoping I can find some clients! How's the NCB scene?

Birth and Postpartum Doula

Conner 8/19/03 (my homebirthed water baby!)
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1. Kristen, 32 years old
2. North side of Charlottesville, near the Target
3. One dd, Molly, who is 16 months old and so much fun!!!
4. I just left the telecommunications biz and bought an online store selling slings last month. I'm just now starting to make connections with local mamas wanting to try out the sling thing, and it is so awesome!!!
5. We've only been here for a year, but I love, love, love Charlottesville! Now that I'm not tied to a desk for work, I'm really hoping to get out there and make some like-minded mom friends.

1) Lisa, age 32
2) Howardsville
3) Piper, 19 months; #2 wee one due in early September
4) My husband and I own Albemarle Countertop Company in C'Ville
5) I am so glad to see so many C'ville mama's here. I was starting to feel like there was a shortage of alternative/ homebirth mama's in our area. Maybe we should all try to get together once a month or something. Have a potluck at someone's home or a local park...What do ya'll think?
I thought this thread was dying, but I'm glad to see it's not!

We moved in 3 weeks ago and are LOVING Charlottesville!!! We bought a house near Cville Market.

MollyandCleo, I would love to see what kinds of slings you have to offer!

Piper's Mama, great idea for a potluck or something -- I would be up for it! We don't know anyone yet.

Hoping to hear more!

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Hey Mary,
Welcome to C'ville. Your house is actually really close to our shop. We are on Carlton Ave. (towards Meade, immediatley across the railroad tracks from the market). Stop in sometime and say Hi if you want, I'm here most every morning...Wierd there are 3 of us in this thread the same age. '
74 must have been a boom year or something. Hope things are well with your new babe
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Just saw your post on the thread about Ped. in C'ville. I have an awesome Doc. His name is Jim Ogan, he has an office @ Boar's head, and he uses a "holistic" approach. I actually asked him when we first met how he felt about no vax & treating children with herbs & homeopathy (like would he kick us out of his practice-has happened to me before) he is really open-minded. He has parents who run the spectrum from no vax to 5 shots a visit. He is educated about alternative medicine as well. I really, really like him. And he is a Pediatrician, not a GP. His practice is called Ivy Integrated Healthcare. Hope this is not too late to be helpful.
Thanks, Lisa! I will definitely try to stop in and see you -- we are so close to there! Thanks also for the ped recommendation -- we hadn't gotten around to finding one yet, although we did have a couple of recs from people, but I'm sure they're not no-vax types! I really don't want to fight with a ped on this issue.

Hi all. Not really a C'ville mama (well, at heart I am)-I'm a Culpeper mama trying to meet new people. I went to school at UVA (undergrad and grad) so I think I spend more time in C'ville than Culpeper sometimes.

1. Abby-27
2. Culpeper
3. Noah-2 and Sophie-4 months
4. Reading Specialist for one more week and then I've taken a leave of absence from my school system for at least a year
5. Thanks to some of you who replied to my Culpeper thread-between heading back to work a few months ago and what not I haven't had time to respond-but as of 6/18 I'm home and ready for some action

1. Name & Age
2. Where do you live? (c-ville or surrounding county?)
3. Children and ages
4. If you work other than the mom job -what do you do?
5. Any thing else? Comments /questions?
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Hi -

I'm Lisa, mothering of Eli, 2. We moved here about a year ago. I've put together a GoogleGroup to help us more easily coordinate play dates and such. email me at [email protected] if you'd like to join the googlegroup. We occasionally meet at Cville Coffee, or someone's home.
Yay! It's so nice to see more people in C-ville. I think that the google group is a great idea. I would sign up, but I don't have kids yet, and am seeing the fertility clinic a MJH next month to see what's goin on. Hopefully I'll have kids one day and can meet up with you all for a play date!
For those of you that are new to town - there is a pretty good farmer's market every saturday am. from 7-12 downtown till Halloween. It is in the parking lot between Water St. and South STreet near the big parking garage and ACAC.
I'm usually there every Sat selling my stuff (not food). if you want to find me and chat for a bit, I'd be glad to see you! My booth is the same as my user-name.
Have a great weekend!
1. Name & Age - Jessica, 28
2. Where do you live? (c-ville or surrounding county?) We are living in Forest Lakes right now (renting), we just moved here last month from Williamsburg
3. Children and ages - Lily, 23m
4. If you work other than the mom job -what do you do? - I just completed a Masters degree in Public Health. While I am not working now, I hope to be in a few years
5. Any thing else? Comments /questions? - I actually attended UVa, so I am pretty familiar with Cville, but I am finding it hard to meet like minded people that just want to hang out and have fun

Originally Posted by newbie_mary
MollyandCleo, I would love to see what kinds of slings you have to offer!
Anytime! I'm always happy to talk babywearing! Email me... or you can most likely catch me at a local LLL meeting. :) I'm actually doing a babywearing demo (along with Vijay from Charlottesville Baby Slings) at the July LLL enrichment meeting. There's also an active NINO group in C'ville (yahoo groups: NINO_central_va). We meet at C'ville coffee on the 4th Friday of every month.

Originally Posted by myjulylily
2. Where do you live? (c-ville or surrounding county?) We are living in Forest Lakes right now (renting), we just moved here last month from Williamsburg
We live just North of Forest Lakes (off Proffit Rd, by Baker Butler). I'm always walking/jogging through Forest Lakes North with my 16 month old dd. I WAH, and would love to get together!
So, Cvillers, when shall we have a gathering? It would be fun to set up maybe a trip to Chris Green lake, or one of the other lakes around -- what do you all think? I can go any day.

I have no idea where Chris Green Lake is...but we would be into it. Weekends work out best for me. We could also do C'ville coffee sometime
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