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Just wondering, does anyone have a link to a good chart. I like the one in Toni's book, but there is only the one copy. I guess if I can't find one I can just go photo copy it, but I was just wondering if any one had found a good one online.

ETA, I havn't offically started charting yet, still on the pill until I get a cap, but I tend to be running low- like upper 96's

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do you mean one to print out? here's some:

when I was using paper charts I used the low temp garden of fertility charts, and I made my own with graph paper.

I was looking for the online NFP style charts and I can't seem to find them, it looks like ccli removed the link. you can still buy them from them for pretty cheap.

You can also use even though it says it is for TTC only. Just don't rely on the interpretation and don't post that you're TTA. You can also use ovusoft.. There's a whole host of other software too Thiswebsite has a couple of other programs for charting.
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