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Charting/Ovulation question...

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I'm curious...when you O, how long do you O for? Is it one day? For instance if I started feeling O pains yesterday, felt moody/emotional (get that when Oing), and had a lot of ewcm...and my temp increased today....and then I'm still getting ewcm am I still oing? How does it work exactly? I used to think you O on a particular day but how do you know if your symptoms don't dissappear? When can the egg be fertilized? (Is it when you first feel true O symptoms or later?) Hope this made sense...I just really need to know if I have a chance this month.
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You ovulate at a specific time, but your signs may start a little before and last a little after, since most of the symptoms are related to the change in hormones that *cause* the ovulation, and not the ovulation itself. If you are using fresh sperm, when you ovulated doesn't matter too much generally, since sperm can live 5-7 days, much longer than the egg lives (around 12ish hours) Most people say once your temp has gone up, you have already ovulated either the previous day or early in the AM before temping. Also, it's sometimes hard to pick out the real temp increase until a couple of days have's always easier to tell looking back than when you're right in it!

So basically, you are most fertile in the couple of days before you O, fertile enough to have a chance in the 7 days before you O, and you still have a chance the day you O and possibly the next day.

ETA: it sounds, to me, like you ovulated yesterday.

Good Luck!!
I usually get ewcm a few days before I actually O. Sometimes I'll get ewcm and not O for another week. Are you charting your cycle? That is one of the best ways to confirm O.
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