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Charting question - possible conception?

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Hello Lovely Ladies ~

I - well, we have been charting to avoid - since September and have been doing good on staying abstinent during fertile phases or taking our chances and using a form of birth control if we absolutely must. This month, I noted that I ovulated on the 30th and we had unprotected sex on the third day past ovulation (April 1st) in the morning. Could someone please give me their opinion on whether or not we stand a chance of conceiving since it was the morning of the third day. I understand that only 10% of women ovulated 2 eggs per month and so technically I probably am in the clear.... why do you think?
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Unless you mis-calculated ovulation (do you chart CM and temp, do you take OPK's?..), your chance of conceiving is VERY LOW!
I chart CM and temp - and I don't know what OPK means. The day I ovulated was the end of cervical mucus and I was basically dry. So I think that I'm with you in thinking that it's very low as well. This is the only time that we've had unprotected sex so closely after ovulation. Thanks for replying!
OPK = ovulation predictor kit (or test)

Being that you chart both CM and temp, I think you are okay.
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lunamegn: any update since yesterday?

We have also been TTA since last summer, and although I stop taking temps in the AM for a week or so around my period, we have been quite diligent in all areas concerned with avoiding. In fact, it has been much fun thinking of other *fun* things to do instead of the regular stuff when I've been ovulating. that, however, is another thread.

So, basically, we've been good... until, that is... this month. According to my temp and CF, I ovulated on a Weds, then we did the
: on Saturday afternoon...

Are there such things as Kryptonite eggs? I'm only a day or so late... but am sooooo regular.... also wondering for a possible conception.
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if your cf dried up and you have a temp shift them you should be good. This month I am aprehensive about a pregnancy as well. We abstained during the fertile time instead of using a barrier, and I'm a bit worried I miscalculated my o date! I know how that is. But realisticly if you're 'following the rule' then you should not be pregnant. As long as you had a temp shift and cf dry up you're good to go!
My period isn't due until around the 10th this month and the other day I was feeling a bit crampy like my period was coming... My temps haven't stayed elevated - I had three days that were 97.7, 97.7, and 98.0 and now it's dropped down to 96.9, although it's staying above a coverline of 96.7... We'll see. I was sick during those three days so that could be the cause. But my cervical fluid was pretty dry that day that we had sex...

pisces ~ If you ovulated on Wednesday and bd'd on Saturday I think that you would be fine. Is the rule that you're fine the third day after ovulation after 6 pm? My understanding is that 10% of women release two eggs each month, and each egg lives 24 hours, so just play it safe and allow 48 hours in the case of two eggs... Someome feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I'm visiting my parents and didn't bring my book.
Just remember, sperm can live in fertile CM for up to five days.. so Wednesday BD could result in pg if you ovulated Saturday. This is how my daughter came about - BD'd on a Wednesday, I ovulated Sunday.
Thanks, everyone, for their advice. We sweated it out all week, and 'aunt flo' as it were, came this morning. Is there some other acronym for period? I can't remember it.

I am surprised at how much I was getting prepared to be pg, and have this unplanned baby. I am, also, however, looking forward to caffeine and maybe a glass of wine tonight.
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Statistically speaking, you're much more likely to 'accidentally' conceive by having sex late in Phase I (before temp rise) than early in Phase II (after temp rise). I think you are probably safe.
Started my period yesterday. A little earlier than i was expecting, but nothing wrong with that!

Originally Posted by pisces-in-vt
Thanks, everyone, for their advice. We sweated it out all week, and 'aunt flo' as it were, came this morning. Is there some other acronym for period? I can't remember it.
We usually use AF for short.

Ya know, this is one thing I DON'T miss about being sexually active (of course I miss the sex part.) I never worry if AF is late!
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