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Well, dh and I want to start TTC again soon, and I wouldlike to just keep charting uninterrrupted.It's helping me gain insight into my body at a time where I am unsure and untrusting of it.
So, a couple of questions for those of you who have charted/TTC after a loss.
-Do I count my m/c bleeding as the start of a new cycle?
-Will my temps have any relevance right now?
-If I had a chem.pregnancy, will I probably ovulate this cycle? (I am on day 5 of m/c bleeding, and it's tapering off. No more clots or gushes of blood.)
-I have heard conflicting things about the safety of TTC the cycle after a loss. I was about 5 weeks LMP when I lost the baby. Since I was only pregnant for a very brief time, do you think it's safe to TTC asap?


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{{{{{ Katie }}}}}

Yes, I always counted the m/c bleeding as the start of a new cycle.

My temps always went back to normal after the m/c, usually I would get a temp drop before my early m/c and then they would be the normal pre-ovulation ones.

Yes, most likely you will ovulate this cycle, maybe a bit later than normal, but it might even be at your normal time.

I haven't found anything indicating that your risk of another m/c would be higher after an early m/c like this. Actually, I have read so many stories of people who got pregnant right away again, and carried to term, that I always started trying immediately again. I even haver read that you are more fertile the first 3 cycles after a miscarriage, and I didn't really want to waste any of that extra fertile time. I am not sure how true that was either, but I wasn't going to miss out on possible extra fertility :)

Good luck!!!! I hope you will find yourself pregnant with a keeper this time!


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Hi, I just wanted to share my experience with you.
I found out my baby died (at 6wks4dys gestation) on Oct. 1.

I miscarried the day after and bled for about 14 days. I started taking my temp a couple days later, they were still a little high, probably from a little progesterone left in my body, but they started to taper down after about 6 days and on day 10 after I stopped m/c bleeding I had my first period. So I guess I had an annovulatory cycle.
I am about 13 days into my next cycle and don't expect to ovulate until day twenty something, which is normal for me. I had a checkup with my midwife yesterday (to make sure my uterus was back to normal) and she gave me the go ahead to try again this cycle. I asked her shouldn't I wait 3 cycles? She said I don't really need to since I am healthy otherwise and this is was my first miscarriage. As long as I was ready emotinally.

So I am very excited and nervous to start trying the next 2 weeks. Nov. 14th my husband and I will have been together for 10 years. This is my projected ovulation date, so maybe it is meant to be. It is hard to get my hopes up though. We thought this last pregnancy was such perfect timing too. We got pregnant on our first try, compared to a year and a half when we got pregnant with our now 3 year old son. My due date was May 7th, 5 days after my birthday. It is really important for me to be pregnant again before then.

It is hard to say when is a good time or the right time to get pregnant again. I guess you just follow your heart.

I feel very blessed with my son, and husband. I am very ready to bring my next child into this world. I have been having dreams about a baby girl and I wake up and she is not here. It is sad for me, I ache for her but it also keeps me going just knowing him or her could be growing inside me soon.

I send many positive baby vibes your way.

Michelle mamma to
Alexander 6-25-2000
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