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Hello. I've been trying to find out a couple things. Where do I get chastetree berry/vitex from? I've looked at walmart, eckerd, and rite aid that had a gnc store in it. Should I go to a GNC store, although out of my way, or order it from the internet?

Also, I started taking primose evening oil yesterday. I'm only taking 1 capsule although the bottle says to take 3 a day. I stop taking this after I 'O' right? I don't think I am ovulating as the temps have been all over the place in the last couple months.

I also had mid cycle bleeding that continues until AF. It's usually triggered by BD'ing I've noticed. Should I also use progesterone cream as well?

I'm more concerned about the spotting issue. I'm currently taking 200mg of vitamin 6, multivitamins, extra folic acid.

thank you for any advice

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Call a GNC store and check. I got mine at the docs. Then try online. Get Chaste Tree 500 mg pills. Take 2 a night. I took that until week 12 of my pregnancy. It made me ovulate the first month and I got pregnant. It lenghtened my lp which allowed me to implant and it raised my progesterone from 6 to 32.5 which prevented another loss. I am 18 weeks today and I swear that is what did it for me this time!!!!! It worked for my doc too, who had many m/c and 2 friends that had losses and they are both in the second tri now. Good luck!!!!!!!!!
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