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Last year there was a thread about someone who does an advent calendar with their kids with activities for each day. I can't find that thread. Does anyone remember it or have any ideas? Here is what I have so far:<br><br>
Watch Elf. Pizza, ice cream<br>
Watch Barbie Christmas Carol. Pizza, ice cream<br>
Snowflake crafts.<br>
Make Cookies.<br>
Make Christmas Cards.<br>
Hot Chocolate and Christmas Stories.<br>
Make Books for grandparents.<br>
Take cookies to friends.<br>
Make more cookies.<br>
Peppermint bark<br>
Make homemade marshmallows

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My son is 2.5, so the activities I am planning for him are mostly quite simple.<br>
We are including things that we normally do as part of preparing for the holidays as well as things we might not otherwise do.<br>
- trip to pick out a Christmas tree<br>
- decorate tree (I think it will take 2 different days to acomplish the tree activities)<br>
- sing Christmas carols<br>
- take a night walk through the neighborhood to see lights<br>
- wrap presents (the presents he made for grandparents and a couple of playmates)<br>
- watch Rudolph<br>
- make warm vanilla milk<br>
- make hot chocolate<br>
- make mulled cider<br>
- read the nativity story<br><br>
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