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Cheap Detergent & stinkin dipes.. help!

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I've read all the posts about stinkin diapers and always kinda laughed. I've never had that problem and kinda assumed ya'all were doing something wrong. We usually use Tide Clear and I've never had any problems with stink (other than a diaper than needs to be changed). But 2 weeks ago we bought a large generic tub of laundry detergent (from costco). I thought it would be great to have an extra container around the house (and for camping) and i figured the detergent would work okay. Boy was I wrong!! Now i have to run my diapers thru two complete cycles and they still stink! Even the rest of my laundry is starting to smell. I don't want to have to buy some more detergent. It'd be great if I could find a way to make this stuff work. It's still 3/4 of the way full. I would feel horrible throwing it out.

Any suggestion??

I promise not to ever laugh at a stinky laundry question again!!
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Be sure that the detergent is completely rinsed out of everything. Rinse and rinse until the water runs clear with no soap bubbles. If the detergent is not completely rinsed out it can cause the clothes, etc to smell.

do you think baking soda would help or hurt the situation??

I have learned that cheap detergent just sucks! My MIL washes her familys clothes in crappy Sun detergent and everything always smells dirty. The only think I can suggest for you, to help get rid of the rest of that detergent is adding a scoop of OXYclean to EVERY SINGLE LOAD. That will make the detergent clean better, and your clothes and dipes should be nice and clean. Alot of people say not to use oxyclean w/ your dipes in every wash, but if it's just until you finish off this detergent, it shouldn't hurt...
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Hmmm. That's a shame. That's a lot of detergent to not like it.
I'd crank the water heater up 20 min. before doing your wash and use hot with the detergent every time. Only use 1/4 C. (soft water) to 1/2 C. (hard water) for a full load in a top loader. If you've been using more, strip the diapers. If you've been using less, wash them again on hot with more detergent and do extra rinses to make sure it all comes out 'till you see no suds in the rinse water.
If that doesn't work, get thee to the store and buy some better detergent!
I think you have to take each detergent on its own merits regardless of price. I have been using the Kirkland brand detergent (the stuff in the big orangey red box) from Costco for nearly 2 years now and have not had a single problem with stink.

When I switched (very briefly) to Sunlight detergent (its the #2 Canadian brand and I don't think it is even available in the US) which was much more costly I ended up with a horrible stinky odor within 2 wash cycles. I didn't figure out that it was the change of detergent for over two weeks (what finally clued me in was when I found a diaper that I hadn't used in a few weeks and it smelled great...but another of the same brand of diaper that I had been washing and using smelled awful!)

I haven't used the big bucket Costco detergent and based on your experience I doubt I will
I think there is no sure fire detergent that will not cause stink because it is all dependent on the reaction between your water, any other additives and the detergent. If you have something that works for you though it is worth its weight in gold!

I am sorry that you have to deal with stink issues...ugh I think I could still catch a whiff of that horrible smell if I thought about it too long! Hope you get it all worked out quickly (it took us about 3 wash cycles with Kirkland to remove all of the residual stench but it did go away!)

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For various reasons I have to use dreft on my DD cloth diapers but its a costlier detergent so I ONLY use it for diapers all other clothes get washed in the cheep stuff. Ussually Sun

Is it working on your other clothes or making them stink too?
I bought a box of powdered Wisk because it was marked down plus with my coupon I got a big box for $1! But I don't want to use it on my dipes (enzymes) so am using 2 different kinds.
Ran into a problem awhile back with my older DS. Got Era cheap and he was allergic, so I used it up on our clothes and washed his seperate.
The only detergent that I LOVED on my diapers with all honesty was ERA. My diapers smelled wonderful!! And you only need a little bit for loads since its so fragrant. I am using the Wal-Mart Great Value detergent, and my diapers just smell fresh and rain or water....very refreshing. I was so used to the laundry smell hitting me, that I had to actually sniff them to make sure the clean, almost not there smell was for real. My diapers have really been softer too now. Although, I am not crazy about it, I may continue using it on our stuff. Price was awesome too
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Originally Posted by Alkenny
Is it working on your other clothes or making them stink too?
Well, to be totally honest, I wash all my laundry together (which never used to be a problem since i rinse all my diapers first). So to answer your question, all stinks

I took someone's advice (i think it was Seepae) and started adding 1/2c baking soda. That seems to be helping. I am starting to add oxyclean on the load that is strickly diapers.

I'm really just trying to get thru this bucket of detergent so that i can go buy my usual stuff without feeling wasteful.

Thank you ladies for all your help!

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